Azazel told me to share these spirits with you

Guys, seriously, read the post with attention and you’ll see what things the Sei’rim can help you with.

If I haven’t said literally every single thing they specialize in, that’s because I don’t have the time to work with them like that. There’s no way I would know everything they’re capable of.

With that being said, I recommend this: got any doubts about the spirits and what they can do for you? Summon them on your own and find out. Ask them, talk to them. If you can’t make contact yet, then you have to go all the way back to level 1 and work on your psychic senses until you develop them.


I also received a sign that the Se’irim heard me. The next day, I saw goats in a tv commercial! I’ll give further results of the working I did when it manifests.


Have you ever looked into the eyes of goat before. Man! That’s intense! Give it a try sometime you’ll know what I mean if you do.

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Me too. Yesterday I read this thread and thought about it. Later in the day, I saw three goats. A mother and her two children. The goat walked up to me and stood on its hind legs. If I had the land, I’d love to have a few goats on it. They sounded like people to me.