Azazel says to, "take a trip to the world under the sun", during channeling, not sure what he means

maybe @C.Kendall may know. He has been initiated into all suns

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C.Kendal has also worked with Azazel, more importantly, having him in his body.


try looking through those suns

Oh evoke Archangel Ariel this seems like something that is up her alley. She is all about nature and such. I am sure she can help.


Ask Azazel to guide you

try this sigil

Little bit too hard on me rn? I need to go do this thing, but he says to do it with Lucifer, as it’s his incantation.

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oh i see. Evoke lucifer

God my body feels weird

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I think this is a personal journey thing.

What are you feeling?

Heat. But I believe it’s a guided one, though I have many others to go on.

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Start with Ariel she knows a lot about life being worlds.

She also works really well with both Azazel and Lucifer. I obviously use her a lot given my career path, but I have used her simultaneously with both Azazel and Lucifer.

This could very well be a visit all living giving world kind of thing.

I almost get some…alternate dimension vibes xD

But ya this probably a personal journey thing and it may not be something you understand until you are in the moment.

I guess I understand it? Weird sun layers

I sat before his throne, he materialized himself there. He picked me up, almost threateningly (reminding me of how Hist seems threatening but he’s really just helping.)

He nonchalauntly blows a pull of flames at me that envelop me, and I see my form become black or like… something. Like all that was normal before was a projection, or it was altered in a black lense. IT was weird. My aura burned with flames, and I saw myself blinking, kind of as if I was changing or being altered?

Weird shit ended up happening. A lot of energy shifts, and I was on this weird ball pit of stones and gems. He says, “Find yours.”
I eventually find orange crystals that seem like they’re fire/solar based? Then he says we’re done.

God my experiences make no sense to anyone else.


The path never ceases to amaze, bro. I’ve had some wild experiences as well that its hard to express even to like-minded practicioners.

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My personal take.

Write it down and then proceed. It could just as well be a part of a longer message wich later on will reveal itself as a personal gnosis later on.
Just worrying about it to much will lock you up.

“Take a trip to the world under the sun”. With that wording it wouldn’t be the sun itself, it would be something else.

However, if things were mistranslated there are three aspects of the sun:

  • Morning (Ascent/Heavens) - Second Phase.
  • Noonday (Rebirth/Black Sun) - Third Phase.
  • Evening (Descent/Underworld) - First Phase.

These three aspects can be explored in every ancient culture. Through observation, Conner’s workings are a bit scattered. For an easier time, I would try to stick to one pantheon for smoother transitioning within the three phases. Here are two examples that come to mind currently:

  • In Egypt you have Khepri, Ra (along with the goddesses linked to the Eye of Ra), and Atum.

  • In Mesopotamia you have Ningishzida or Ningirsu, Nergal or Ninib, and Shamash (Shamash is fitting for all the aspects, for the other deities are usually seen as parts of him).

With all the aspects of the sun aside, I do want to mention that the sun as we know it today isn’t considered to be the same sun according to the ancients. They believed that Saturn was their sun which is another thing to take into account when trying to unpack what Azazel might be trying to say. His connection is not only to the black sun, but the first sun as well.

Either way I wish you luck. Whether you are lead to explore the solar associations within the Saturnian current itself, or to experience the three main aspects of the sun within the solar current. I highly suggest doing a lot of preparation for this and to take your time, these paths are far from easy.


If only any of the shit literally anyone else said would correlate to my bullshit.

Thank you!

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Jupiter is made of the same elements as the sun (hydrogen 71% and helium 24%) but, in short, it’s not big enough in size to ignite like the sun does. The proportions of hydrogen and helium are close to composition of the primordial solar nebula.