Athame usage

I read of my Viking ancestors and i understand there magic knife was utilized for offering which makes sence. Why have a knife as per wicca to only use to point and draw. Used as a wand, i cannot believe any magicians in the olden days had a weapon, a knife and not use as such. Obviously harvest with a bolline and not the athame is sound but for offering and sacrifice makes sence with the athame.
My athame is a high quality weapon and it makes No point of not using it as such.

Any ideas from others here?

Soon june 21. Is here and the old rites from the vikings include sacrifice and my plan was to use my athame for this purpose.

Wicca is in short a bastardized crossed between a wide assortment of pagan beliefs and Christian ideology. I would not consider them a reliable source for true pagan beliefs but rather the watered down modern day version. Just like the majority of Christians are ignorant of the occult origins of their religion and the implications as such.

The use of the dagger will vary by the path you follow but in general it is used in sacrifices, carving if appropriate to the blade or else astrally carving over physical carving from another blade to enchant them, as a weapon against dangerous or rebellious spirits and as a channel for the pure will of the magician in a sharpened aspect. It is basically regarded the same as the sword but smaller. It is just as effective in trained hands.


The idea behind only using an athame for an exact purpose comes from the western ceremonial traditions that like to give their tools a sense of sacredness. I personally use my ritual knife for physical cutting as well as astral shits because 1) The more you use it, the more power that goes into it and the greater the bond you have with the tool and 2) life is magic, so why not add a bit of demonic energy to other stuff you’re doing.


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Done it, sorry I believed i did it before

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