Are there love spells out there that actually work?

I have cast spells myself and have had others cast them for me, but nothing works. Is there at least one that does actually work?

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Yes and no. Love is subjective and imo changes and transforms each time we experience it due to our life’s journey and lessons. The key to making love work, I think, is getting back to the vulnerability we had our first time in love - where we dove right in with abandon- but apply all the things we’ve learned along the way.

You can bring OUT a feeling in someone but you can’t create one. Your best bet is to do an attraction spell or lust spell. Spend time with the person and learn their in’s and outs and then work on those both mundane and magically. You’re basically putting in all the proper fuels and when the flame ignites- boom. But it’s not a quick thing and I don’t believe anyone is worth the effort.


Love spells works better If there is anything to work from to begin with.
@AradiaX have a good point for that.
Now If you have done many spells and have had others do them then perhaps you dont let go from it so it can work.
Then the final conclusion may be that If no attraction exists in the other person it simply may bort happend.

I was once told by a spirit that Love was “allowing.” It is my observation and experience in Love Magick is that the emotion even if generated (triggered) must be genuine. One can induce Love in others via having an Aura of Love and Passion energy and emotional expression. By allowing yourself you allow others. This is pretty simple and yet difficult placing a high value on Love.

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I’m in agreement with this. When you open yourself to love you seem to attract it and are able to hold onto it. It’s a bit tricky though for those of us that see the light in the darkness. Meeting people at their level results in their attachment for selfish advancement and is not equivalent to “ love”. But mostly yes, the feeling has to be there and genuine and exuded most definitely :black_heart:.

don’t work on people work on the love itself, summon the embodiment of love and from there you will know what to do. every force in this earth has an embodiment such as death, earth and many others.

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Depends who you’re casting the love spell on and also dozens of other variables.

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In other words love spells just don’t work.

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Someone I watch on YouTube talks about love spells takes from 3 to 6 months, to over a year to work. She makes her living doing this stuff, so I take her word on it.