Are Spirits Greater Than Humans?

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Uh…what? lmao

They’re not just like humans. Don’t make connotations to things that you can’t pertain to because you’re only a fraction of notability to them.

Lol so you believe these beings to be greater than humans? I mean I dont mind your view of yourself but I view us all as equals in a basic form, however when it comes to emotions we are all equal in the sense we all experience the same emotions, they are individuals just as we are individuals. Lowering yourself to be beneath them is fine but “powerful” is relative to the individual no matter their race when it comes to “powerful” I wouldn’t group every human with yourself though just a heads up, you can be beneath them but not all of us are physically or in our soul/true selves.


You’re now alluding to equality, what is equal of the demon and I? Are us? In union we share our elements of possession—with evocation we get an exterior view of the energy at hand.

Go ahead and downplay humans, we’re really not that sensationally “great” like the embodiment of magicians suffering from megolamania. The power is all too succumbed within their body that they’re left with energy that is beyond fathomable for the human mind to handle at times.

Different people, for different things.
But, we are not equal to the demon.

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You are aware some of us are demons incarnated in human bodies right? Alot of people are non humans incarnated in human bodies. Just because you dont view yourself as equal to us demons, doesn’t mean everyone is lesser.


I never downplayed humans, I said they are equal in that humans and nonhuman entities (minus parasites) can feel varying degrees of happiness, sorrow, and other emotions. Not even humans as individuals feel the same degree of emotions but they are not greater or lesser than each other in terms of powerful, that’s silly.
You mentioned how these beings are powerful and humans should “sit down” which I found foolish because those things don’t correlate one bit.


I think what @Whitehowlite is trying to say is (and they can correct me if I’m wrong) that humans in general aren’t greater than demons. This doesn’t mean that incarnated demons are “lesser”.


Oh okay, thank you for the clarification @Prophet

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