Anyone know a really powerful revenge spell?

Long story short, an extremely problematic individual I’ll call Bitchtroll has been stalking me and stealing intellectual property from myself and others, primarily via the internet, for 8 years. Some details here and here.

I do not know Bitchtroll in person and for a long time I had no idea what she even looked like. When I finally saw a picture of her, I realized Bitchtroll has tried to follow me around at private events at least twice. (She doesn’t know where I live, thank God. No one does.)

Real-world actions go nowhere; she has been caught over and over, but has never been punished or held accountable (someone I know did have her banned from a certain location, but he knows the management).

I have trotted out every binding, banishing, and curse I can think of, and I’ve lost track of every entity I’ve petitioned for help. No matter what, Bitchtroll continues to fail up and my life continues to get worse. It’s like she’s made of Teflon. I can’t understand it.

And in recent months she’s been skulking around my family’s longtime neighborhood (our roots there go back about 70 years). She’s always snobbishly ignored it before. My three living relatives no longer live there, but old friends and their families do, and I suspect she’s using “work” as an excuse to look for me.

I’m out of ideas, and I can’t afford to hire a professional right now. I’m open to any and all suggestions.


It looks like the only think that’s worked so far is bindings.

I’ve tried binding, which usually gets the job done.

I didn’t see a suggestion to try a n exposure spell. Did you try anything out of the Baneful Magic book?
There’s also this:

That itself could be causing confusion and lust for results. In which case none of the above will help. Or it could just be the energy flows are very strong and will take time, and maybe more effort to affect. You have to get your heart involved not just the mind, you have to really want the outcome of the spell at every level including your higher self.

So, if as someone suggested, your own energy is disallowing this approach, then I’d suggest contacting your higher self, as if it was any other entity, and asking it about the matter.

To completely switch things up, instead of a blunt attack why not try remote influencing?


I have had to deal with this in the workplace; bullies for coworkers and bosses in a highly toxic workplace. I used a few spells I posted below:

They worked very well for me. Maybe there is something in there that could help or inspire you.

You mentioned not having luck with entities, but I figured I’d mention that Belial, King Paimon, Glasysa-Labolas, and Flauros have been instrumental in my work to remove shitty people from places of power.

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She may have entity protection, or may practice magic herself. Have you done any divination about this?


Bitchtroll claims to be a Christian, but even Jesus would call her a hypocrite.

Oooh, I’ll try those.

I haven’t yet. I’ll get a copy when my next paycheck comes in.

My higher self wants Bitchtroll’s heart roasted on a spit. She is trouble and has hurt other people - good people.

I have no talent for remote influencing; I have tried :confused:

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As luck would have it, I’ve built a servitor to assist with telepathic remote influence. I’ve been testing and tweaking her rigorously and so far results are good. I’ve built her to share with the forum.
However, under the forum rules I can’t make her available until my 90 day… (I guess it would be probationary period?) has passed. Thats not too far off though. So I should be able to share her here in a couple of weeks.


Type in EXTINCTUON-Curse of Obliteration in the search function. I personally haven’t tried it. It’s something i am definitely keeping in my back pocket. Good luck!

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There was a typo in your post, here’s the link for those having issues finding the post referenced:


@QueenMustang well…i choose the most correct name. Thanks!!! Yes! Perfect! Also, you’re awesome.


Ooh, thanks!

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