Anyone got a spell to land a job?

Good shit man, nice.

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I never done an evocation, you mind telling me what you did?


There are two different kinds of evocations that I do. There’s a regular one where I get into a trance state and soul travel and speak with whomever I’m evoking.

But, when I want a job done, I perform what I call a full ritual evocation.

It starts with my ritual potion, I already have a topic about its ingredients so I’ll just link to it here:

Next I mix fresh water from a natural body of water like a lake or a stream (alternatively, if you have a rain barrel, you may use water collected in that) and holy water which has been blessed by a priest. This is the offering to the angel in question.

Next, I set the circle. I begin by facing East, and I point with the middle and index fingers of my dominant hand toward the East and I say, “I invoke the power of Raphael, Angel of the East, stand guard in this circle.”

Then I turn to the South, still pointing with the index and middle finger of my dominant hand, and I say, “Michael, Angel of the South, stand guard in this circle.”

Then I turn to the West, still pointing my index and middle fingers, “Gabriel, Angel of the West, stand guard in this circle.”

Then I turn to the North, “Uriel, Angel of the North, stand guard in this circle.”

And I return back to facing East, I have now traced a complete circle with my index and middle fingers. I put them down and say, “Baruch ata [Name].” [bUH-rOOkh Aw-tAw] It’s Hebrew for Blessed be.

I chant the phrase over and over again until I feel the angel arrive. Then I give it it’s task, wait for a response, and then I send the angel away. Then I say, “I close this circle, angels be scattered to the winds.” And I pour the liquid offering into the earth.


I know a prayer.if you read it 7 times you find a job.but it is in maybe you do not want it.


I would love to have it

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I will be doing this too, thanks for the helpful info once more again

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Light white candle and incense

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Read it 7 times everyday and you will see the miracles.
Read as its written.

Ya ilahi es’elüke bi hakkı fekacin mahmetin bi mehmehübin mehmehübin zi lutfin hafiyyin ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah bi sa’saın sa’saın zin nuri vel behai ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah bi sehsehübin sehsehübin ellezi lehul ızzü şamıh ven nurit tam ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah bi tahtahübin tahtahübin ellezi lehül kemalü vel cemalü vel cemal ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah kehübin kehübin ellezi bi nurihi yünevveru külli nurin ya nuran nur ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah en tüsahhır li cemiıl kulubi inneke mükallibel kulub ve allamel ğuyubeclebtüküm ya ruhaniyyetel kulub eclib ruhı(MAKE A WISH) bi hafiyyi lutfillah bi letıyfi sun’ullah bi cemıli sitrillah dehaltü fi kenfillah va’tesımtü bi esmaillah ve teşeffa’tü bi rasulillahi sallellahü teala aleyhi ve selleme muhammedebni abdüllahAllahü ekber Allahü ekber Allahü ekber esteantü bi kitabillahi ala celbil kulubi ve telınet tabayiı ve kahrin nüfusi ve ıdmadi şüruriha ve serayanil mehabbeti fiha akbilü ya meaşiral avalimil ulviyyeti ves süfliyyeti akbilu ıkbalen hasenen ven’atıfü in’ıtafen külliyyen bil ismil ma’hud ves sirril mevcudüllezi yettesılü bihil evliya’ic’al li nuran emşi bihi fin nasi vel bisni ya mevlaye ismen min esmaike libasen hasenen bi hurmeti cebraile ve israfile ve mikaile ve azraile ve bi hakkı kavlühül hakkı ve lehül mülkü ve bi hakkı fekacin mehmetin ya ilahi ya ilahi ya ilahi irhamni bi rahmatike ya erhamer rahıminVel hamdü lillahi rabbil aleminve sallellahü ala seyyidina ve nebiyyina ve mevlana ve şefiy’ına ve hamina ve kurrate uyunina ve nuri ebsarina Muhammedin aleyhis salatü ves selamve selamün ala alihı ve ashabihi ve ala cemiy’ıl enbiyai vel mürselın…


Btw I am not a Muslim.They are magical words.


Maybe this will help :slight_smile:


I would definitely pray to Bune for guidance. You will be heard.


I hope its not too late :stuck_out_tongue:

I was despo to get a job few weeks back, with no luck for over a year.

All I did was look at the Full Moon on a Purnima. asked the Moon Goddess for a job few times focussing intensely on the type of job I was looking for. Within 2 weeks I landed a new job :wink:

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As a previous post said, I would also open up Bubes Sigil, and ask her to help, she is awesome and very fast as well. Good luck and keep us posted. :ok_hand:

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Bunes I meant l lol

Hello, I have some question about jinn and spritual.

@anon35712983 Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, as you were requested to do previously. It is a rule of this forum and failure to do so will result in the suspension of your account and removal of your posts.

Type in 2020 Census Jobs online. They are hiring.
Also, Securitas Security online has jobs ( easy money, I KNOW )

I posted

Hi! I would do a simple road opening candle that you can pickup at most botanicas or spiritual shops. You can add oils they sell and etc, but that is up to you as your intent is the most important aspect. You can call upon your ancestors, guides, Gods and etc according to your personal beliefs during the ritual to aid you. Personally, I always start anything I’m doing pretty basic, which at times can be a challenge to reel myself in. For example, doing the 7-day glass candle will not only open roads, but you can read the candle afterwards and learn what blockages you have, if any, timelines can be interpreted, and a whole host of other information can be ascertained from the glass. It’s a good way to get footing for me. I hope this helped!

I did a Psalm/Candle/Divine Name prayer (or spell) and got a job I wanted. Literally I got it about 3 days after doing the spell. (They notified me last night - or I read the email last night and called them to confirm today)
It is a great job for me. It is in a big bank. I have a BS in Bus.Adm. and an AAS as a paralegal. So my degrees fit the occupation quite well. business and contracts, thats what banks do
I also get to work in a department where we advocate for the customer (card holder) against the merchant. So my job is to use all the Visa oversight rules to help customers who have problems. I get to help the little guy.

I used Psalm 91 and the Divine Name “EL” and burnt my candle when a Libra is supposed to.

I know you posted this over a year ago but maybe this will help someone searching the forum.

So I have to thank God and also DarkestKnight (DK answered just a ton of stupid questions to help me meet my Libra timeline so that magick would be at its strongest)