Anyone evoke muhammad?

what do you mean?

The cord is the only thing that connects spirit to body. If cord is gone, spirit is gone. I am trying to make a spirit to take my friends body after his cord is cut. He want know affiliation or any connection with his body anymore.

No one is denying any prophet, but Mahomet is no prophet, he was called so, he is actually not. Go do your findings.

Now this is false. Even Samuel was summoned by a Medium. I’ve called Apostle Paul, Moses, and Elijah.

And you maybe right here but not totally. Yes, an imposter may come for Muhammad, but not for the rest U mentioned there.

You think Muhammad is a prophet? Do U know what the word or term ‘prophet’ mean?

Go learn more.

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Yeah and a billion people on earth following that prophet are fools right lol come to your senses but it’s cool I appreciate your reply and your opinion. And its Mohammed :slight_smile:

Just because billion people think Demons are evil…is that the truth? Oh you dance to what people generally accept? Well, I don’t. Cuz their prophecies are always backward. I don’t trust everything my earlobes captures.

You think many of those Muslims don’t know the truth? Who will dare voice it out? I’ve met people who denounced the Religion with proper rites but publicly still shout Allahu-akbar. To desert Islam is to die. To say bad words about it is death. So who will talk? Non Muslims that did it were murdered except there is mo chance for them to take actions.

Like, I said, go learn more. Don’t dance to waves around you.


We can discuss for days about this subject but neither you or me will come to a understanding so have a nice day:)

  1. I asked you questions you didn’t even answer.
  2. I’ve already said goodbye cuz by your response you accept what’s generally accepted.
  3. There is no understanding that I need to come to.
  4. I don’t argue about FACTS that I know but others don’t know yet, I tell them to go learn more.

See ya.


Ok I will answer only these questions for you.
You can live in any Islamic country without getting your head chopped off if your not a moslim.
Islam does not force it religion upon people if it would then all the world would be muslim.
Also about killing people islam is strictly against that look that up in Qur’an 5:32. But killing someone who is planning to kill you and wipe you out of this earth is permisable and the most logical thing to do in selfdefence, even the judge nowdays free you from jail if your case was just about selfdefence.
If they use a religion as a cover for their dirt work it does not mean the religion is corrupt and bad but blame it on the person itself.
You are the one who need to self educate more about this subject not me lil brother.
Never hate a religion or ‘book’ that preaches peace. Just remeber If i tried to shoot you and you could shoot me back what would you do?
Believe me there died more Muslims than Non Religious people :slight_smile:

We are done and still much love lil brother.

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Lol this is it, man. You need to learn more. Because, Islam from the Genesis was never a religion, it’s a cult group.

So, you’re a Muslim uh?

Forget those preaching and sermons.


To be honest I would rather evoke Jim Morrison using a circle of shot glasses of Jim Beam and a bunch of joints outlining a Pentagram in the center.

I would probably have a more enlightening conversation with Jim Morrison as well.


Why would I evoke that piece of shit?

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Even if you succeed at that impossible task,it will only get trouble from here.In quran,it is written that mohammad was the last prophet,and if you tell muslims that mohammad is in your friends body,best case is you are going to get ignored/sent into rehab.

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This is turning into a debate about religion, and not a constructive one, so with thanks to all who took part I am going to close the topic to avoid unnecessary bad feeling over this matter.