Anyone evoke muhammad?

To see him in a vision. Read the last verse of the second Chapter/Sourah in the Quran. Al-Bakarah. Read it 50 or 100 times before you sleep at night. I used it, worked for me.

That’s what I know, hope it helps :slight_smile:


Muhammad…that scumbag is still serving his punishment. I didn’t evoke him, I was on excursion when I learnt about many things about him, and all his lies. He is not in a good state at all, he is a lower Spirit too.

But you can’t say this to a Mussulman and expect them to believe you or like you, they will hate you big.

I would rather pray and make request in the name of Belial or Lucifer than this cursed Mahomet.


If that is case then maybe he can walk-in for my friend. Right now he has servitor to walk in for him. Maybe Muhammad can take my friend’s body and walk on this planet again. his parents
are muslims and basically talk about Muhammad a lot. He can take over the body.

right @Lady_Eva
“the rising Mahomet”
Is it possible?

Time to do this and ask if he can walk-in for my friend as said below.

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Add this verse to it. Say this one first then the one I mentioned :

Good luck :slight_smile:


Sorry not good English. I understand most words, but I use translator for some.
I did that and used EA’s incantation to call spirits. I do not have third eye open so I cannot receive visions.
I went into tgs and used @nohearth sigil for body possession. I made my intention so that Muhammad develops an astral cord to my friend’s body.
As we know, Muhammad wanted parents when he alive. I told him to become the son of friend’s(mom and dad full name) by developing astral cord to body. I do not know if works like that. Would have to ask her.
My intention was to ask/force Muhammad to develop an astral cord to my friend’s body.
Then the spirits can snip his cord to his body and the servitor we created for purpose(or not. We can leave them both to soul braid")
My friend can peacefully move on to astral.
According to @Lady_Eva it was most probably the egregore of Muhammad.
If it was not, he probably would like it better than state @luxfero described him in.
Snip. snip. Muhammad arises… friend happy and peaceful.
I don’t know if it will work, but putting my entire intention into it based on the sigil as mentioned above.
I am not very powerful, So I do not know if it work.
Here is sigil I use:


Thank you all for giving this idea to me. We supposed to use thoughtform servitor instead.

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@Purple I have read you were in a cluster. Anything I should watch out for?

I want you to know that if you evoke Muhammad and a being appears. It is not Mahomet that come, but some other spirits.

I’m not saying he can’t be summoned up, but not via simple evocation.

However, why do U need him to take your friends body? Is your friend still alive or dead, and you want to resurrect 'em?

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You guys are funny lol, even the demons admit Heaven exits why you deny any prophet? Their job was also to teach the world that there is heaven and hell, good and bad.
You can not evoke any Prophet they all have tons of angels under them and are pure light. It’s like trying to taste air, it is impossible and any spirits/demon who say they are Muhammed/Jesus/Abrahim/Noah etc is just a lie and a imposter.

Anyways this is my opinion on this matter.
Much love :slight_smile:

Alive, but he wants a spirit to replace him

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Does not matter if he came. I guess the other spirit is now binded to my friend’s body. He by the power of the sigil has a silver cord connecting him to my friend’s body. Once my friend’s silver cord snips he will have to take over the body.

It is his fault for coming and impostering.

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Well if an angel came instead he is now binded to friend’s body.

Angels don’t work like that.


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I hope I forced it to work like that.

There people on hear who “kill” and absorb and eat spirits. Why can’t I bind them to friend’s body. i am steadfast that spirit is connected to his body.
Once his individual cord snips, the new being will take over.

If that was true all spirits were then again flesh and meat. They would just repossessed living humans and snapped their cord to get back alive. It is not possible in my opinion, although possession is a real thing.

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what do you mean?

The cord is the only thing that connects spirit to body. If cord is gone, spirit is gone. I am trying to make a spirit to take my friends body after his cord is cut. He want know affiliation or any connection with his body anymore.

No one is denying any prophet, but Mahomet is no prophet, he was called so, he is actually not. Go do your findings.

Now this is false. Even Samuel was summoned by a Medium. I’ve called Apostle Paul, Moses, and Elijah.

And you maybe right here but not totally. Yes, an imposter may come for Muhammad, but not for the rest U mentioned there.

You think Muhammad is a prophet? Do U know what the word or term ‘prophet’ mean?

Go learn more.

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