Alone in the versivus

Jinn game
Alone, homeless and devestated by a level 12.
I alone survived.
Evidence, evidence and more evidence.
Looking for likeminded sojourners to complete an accordance. Tolumbine capable, handy with a pen, broom, and a shovel. Looking to link up and expand my verse, and create a home out of the same substance. Years of mix matched loyalty and blue blood on my side. No big can’t in the car.

What is this nonsense?

Please introduce yourself properly.


So sorry…I wasn’t sure what to write.
Solo practitioner, mecuniform, Iron Tablets, OTO, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Ruthless Gaming, Archane Avenger. Model Expert.

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Come to Phoenixville. Let’s dance.

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Phoenixville. Sounds far away from here. Wherever it is, it must be nice.

It’s 45 minutes north of Philly, near Valley Forge and King of Prussia.

I’m in sw VA. …
A lot of lions and tigers and bears this way…
Looking to escape anyway

What’s all that about PA, NJ, and NY in another of your posts?

Studying for the bar

What does that mean?

Never before has someone summarised my thoughts quite so accurately


Legal bar you mean? I ask only because that’s the meaning I am most familiar with for that. thank you for expanding upon your intro when requested, we operate at a high level of personal agency and responsibility around here, whereby members are not treated as rowdy children, needing moderators to enforce things via sanctions - something I explain purely because it’s unusual enough that people don’t always expect it. :+1:

Welcome aboard, and I will be sending a new-member PM packed with useful info to you shortly when I catchup on recent arrivals (have a few to do). :smiley:


Thank you for your extended courtesy, a little kindness goes a long way with me. Yes, working night and day to pass the tests…