Advice needed

So as most or all of you know I’m 17. My mom will not get off my ass about getting a job (she’s been on me about it since 14-15 years old, even though there’s no way in hell a 15 year old will get a job out here) I was wondering how I could manifest my first job and maybe gain some advice about interviews, etc. Keep in mind this would be my first job

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Is this a “mindless task while thinking great thoughts” kind of gig, or do you want to start in the corridor of what will become your career?

The answer might differ, meaning the routes towards it will be different.

A McJob that pays and gives you time to goof around and think deep tho0ughts will rpobably be different than an immersive entry-level “apprenticeship” kind of job in many careers.

Do you even want a career, or just something enjoyable that pays well enough you can have your primary “vocation” in life be magick?

Or would you like to become a professional magician and author, or make money in some other related enterpirse, in time?

I posted some stuff about making a good first im pression here:

At your age, tone it down on the smiling, act very serious, people like that - they associate happy yonugsters with irresponsible attitudes. Also, don’t try to impress people with high-status clothes or accessories, again they’ll think it’s tacky or even that you stole them, or are irresponsible in some other way.

And NEVER show someone you’re cleverer than them, most people in most mundane lines of work are looking for a younger person who’s like them but just that bit less competant, which is why management of big organisations always decays, no-one wants to be surpassed by the kid they hired. :thinking:


I just need something that will suffice to the point where I can live on my own.

Beyond that, sound advice

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That too actually, but not for awhile.

Remember that action is just as important as Will.

I was actually on a similar boat not too long ago. I’m 19 and got my first full-time paying job a few weeks ago. I did the mundane thing first and learnt how to write an effective resume and used my wardrobe to find some professional outfits. I actually asked the spirits a few times for help and used basil leaves to draw money to me. Getting a job is a life thing, so I tried to do things like submit resumes and apply to places online as much as possible while asking the spirits for help. A formal ritual was going to be my last resort, because of how powerful magic is. Eventually I got a fast food job and now I regularly get paid tips on top of my actual pay. They were understaffed before and asked me to come back right after the interview. I had to wonder if the place got cleared out because of my spirits wanting to help me. It happened just when I thought I wasn’t going to have luck for a whole year getting a job.

Money and job-seeking magic is a perfect example of “show action as well as desire.” You’re not likely to get a job if you don’t show you want the job, no matter how many spirits are on your side.


Also very sound, Thank you.