A potential pact

So I’m starting my fighting career FINALLY. got my classes going. Next step would be to find a trainer and then hopefully a league. Anyway.

I’d be down to make a pact to help me excel in just everything over all like getting up the latter in this career over time ect. Getting better faster. Getting stronger in the gym ect. Who would you Contact in this situation.

I feel id contact asmodeus for the gym and getting better at fighting over all. And belial to help me climb up the latter in a fighting career.

I am drawn however to Lucifuge. What help would you guys say lucifuge could provide in a goal like this.

Asking this as I have no idea why Lucifuge keeps popping up in my head for this desire🤨

What are your guy’s thoughts. I’d contact Lucifuge but I’m a bit intimidated by him :joy:

However I do understand eventually either way I’d have to ig suck it up you could say. Else how else would I complete the rest of the nine demonic gate keepers lol. But yeah

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Well, that depends what part of your career that you’re looking to have them bolster.

In the book Goetia Pathworking, Corwin Hargrove suggests that Forneus is a Goetic demon that you can work with to gain fame and reputation in a specific area or “art.” It may also be helpful to use Forneus for this specific career path, as Corwin also suggests that power and fear can be other perks of working with this spirit.

I’ll also link the Unofficial Tutorials Directory for support on actually contacting the spirit.


I would go with entities known for excelling in the fighting arts. Mars or Ares, Agamemnon, King Leonidas, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, that sort of thing.

I know some of those were human and Chuck is still alive, but you channel thier wisdom and learning re strategy and technique.


You say “to help me excel in just everything overall” seems a bit loose and too wide an area because what does that really mean to you or anyone else? Is that statement clear enough for clarity?

So, to you, could that include things like focus, articulation, being able to anticipate the opponent’s next move, concentration, flexibility, intelligence, being able to dig deep when you need to and have reserves of energy at crucial times and rapid recovery? Also the study of great fights and fighters?

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere before that watching a great fighter is like poetry in motion - I saw a video clip a short while ago of Tyson when he met his hero Ali and he showed off his Ali shuffle down to a T and was floating across the floor just like his hero.

Just like with Tyson, it was more than just power, there was speed, accuracy and agility and he could take a punch too so there are lots of things that make a successful fighter.

Sometimes you will take a punch to make a punch with the intention of making your punch matter more so quick recovery and sustainability would be important.

You might want to make a list, add to this list and do rituals for each block of ideas like “To have speed, accuracy and athleticism”

Bunch together two or three things and do a ritual.
“Reputation, support and good results” or you could isolate certain things and work on them individually.

S.rob hasta book infighting like mma,etc , although are a few strong sports invocation is a must,there also a books in fighting but rob gas his book especially in mma carer, I used to do muy that and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for years,and I use magick for streng,smart good luck.but if know someone who is very good go to his school,use something he use and cinsagrate in you name ,and bury to gain the person skill,