A newbie that would love to learn more!

Hi everyone!
I’ve been watching EA Koetting for a weeks now and it got me pretty interested in… well everything he talks about. One of my first question would be what exactly are sigils, how do I successfully create one and mainly how and when do I use it later? I’ve watched a few videos about it already but I couldn’t find any clear answer for all these. Thanks everyone for the help!


Welcome to the forum. You’ll need to fill out more of your intro, though.

Where are you from?

Outside of sigils, are there any other topics you’re interested in?

Make sure you look in the tutorials area
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Welcome @Onyx02

As @anon39079500 said, more information is required for your introduction.

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You jumped immediately to your question and haven’t told us anything about yourself or if you have any experience at all, and that is an important part of your intro.

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@anon39079500 @DarkestKnight Oh okay sorry guys (I probably should’ve made it more obvious). I’m 18 and I’m from the Czech Republic so my english is probably a little limited. I don’t have any experience with magick at all but everyone has to start somewhere and I decided this is my time to start. Later I would want to get into more complicated themes like rituals and similar stuff, but for now I’m really interested in sigils (how to make and use one etc.). Feel free to ask any more questions.


Welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

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