A method of Working with Kali. Using Visualization and Offerings

There are many forms of kali, I prefer working with Dakshina kali, Shyama kali, Maha- kali.
Dakshina kali is the one with Black complexion with her right leg forward and shyama kali is of blue complexion instead of black with her right leg forward and a touch of motherly compassion and sweetness on her face instead of any wrathful expression.

The whole Worship/Ritual is done mentally via Imagination.

First- Relax, Imagine that in your mind’s temple you and all the ingredients of offerings are getting washed, purified by pure water which is flowing form the higher plane.

2- Evoke Kali in front of you.

3- Offer her a lemon/lime. It is a symbolic substitute of animal sacrifice. Imagine the lime/lemon with two pointy side, the sides with dots on your left and right side and you cut the lemon horizontally and offer it to her.

( Ring a hand bell. If possible via your imagination keep imagining/hearing that the bell is constantly ringing through the whole conduct. It will amplify the effect of the ritual
many folds. )

4- Then offer her water , washing her feet, hands then face and body. Then sprinkle few drops of water on your body. This also purifies you internally and externally from Toxic energies.

5- Offer her few red hibiscus flowers on her feet or hand.

6- Offer her few sweets and then you take some of it. Try to feel the sensation of touch and taste of it. Food represents Earth element here.

7- Offer incense to her. Then imagine you are slowly zooming out and as you zoom out the incense is spreading into the space filling empty space and touching all planets and stars. Incense is a symbol of Akasha element.

8- offer her a bowl of water. Take few drops of it and drink it.

9- Flowers are said to be the expression of desires of mother Gaia/Bhumi.

So U can Offer different types of flower. white flower if you desire knowledge. Marigold if you desire help from your personal deity, Teacher or the universe in your ascension. Lotus if you seek wealth. Rose if you seek love and some sex too. Flowers also symbolizes Air element.

10- You can fan her with a hand fan to further strengthen her connection with your Air element.

11- offer her a bottle of scent. Imagine it vaporizing and spreading around. It represents attractiveness and will give you, your personality attractiveness both to the opposite sex and to the general mass.

12- You can tie a red thread on her hand and imagine she is tying some of it to your right hand. This will save you from any black magick, Negative energy, accidents or even Fist fights.

Red thread also makes one witty and attractive in his speech.

13- Put a dot of sandle paste on her forehead and then put it on your third eye. This symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

14- U can offer some Sindur ( a type of red powder , google it ) to get Health, Vigor and strength.

16- U can also give her few Mangos as this fruit is a symbol of Money.

15- Put a red cloth around her, like a shawl.

17- Offer her a lit lamp with 3 faces or 3 different lamps on a plate. Move it clock-wise in front of her face. This signifies Fire element.

18- Now take one of the red hibiscus flowers that U gave to her earlier, imagine that U R putting it on your head and it is sinking in into your body and going in your Sacral chakra. There it is melting into red colored energy and from there spreading through your body.
U can vibrate the Beej mantra of kali ’ KREEM ’ for few minutes. Feel the vibration spreading through out your body.

Now Give a generic intent some thing like - ‘’ may you always Protect me, help me prosper materially- spiritually and socially, gain all kinds of happy and Guide me in this life and the next.’’

At last End it saying please forgive if I have done something wrong knowingly or unknowingly.
Believe me, this simple statement can save you from a lot of unnecessary suffering.

More powerful your imagination is, better result you will get. So try to feel the sensation of touch, weight of each items, imagine it’s smell.

There is no Rigid rule that all this has to be done or on the above sequence. You can do all of this one day and on the next day offer just 3-4 items. But generally keeping the Red Hibiscus and lemon is recommended.

You can do the whole process ( all the offerings, If reduced it will take less time )
while Journeying in Bus/Subway, walking, even with eye’s open if your imagination power is strong.
Just make sure in the process U don’t talk to anyone. The whole thing can be done within 10 minutes.

If done everyday through out one’s life then Kali will be always with you. Literally. If someone scans you they will see her standing next to you, 24x7. U can communicate with her whenever you feel like it. Both Dakshina and Shyama kali are divinities more powerful/Above the All/Source/Sat-Chit-Ananda, Heavenly Father, Even the Void ( at least of the one belonging to our world system/ world tree ).
So I would say it is worth the it.

Looks like she really wanted me to put this info here. Tried to ignore it but didn’t work. So here it is.

From your beloved- Goku


This is wonderful, thank you, I took the liberty of adding it to this list:



thank you,kali has been in thoughts lately.

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Joi Maa Kali! :pray:

Forgot to add a small thing. Before the first step/ Starting the ritual Chant any mantra of Ganesha a few times ( ‘Aum Ganesh-aya namah’ is one. ) Or just ask earnestly for his grace. It is said no vedic or puranic ritual will give it’s complete result unless Ganesha is evoked at first.


Dakshin Kali and Shyama Kali can be performed at home,While Raktakali,Smashan Kali and Bhadrakali cannot be performed at home,they should be performed at cemetry…

Dakshin Kali and Shyama Kali can be performed at home,While Raktakali,Smashan Kali and Bhadrakali cannot be performed at home,they should be performed at cemetry…

Aum Kali Ma!

May the dark mother bless you and guide you :slight_smile:

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Sounds a bit too complicated for me, but it’s really nice