Hello Everyone!

My name is C.A., I was raised in a Judaic and Christian household. Growing up, I learned both, the old and new testaments, from religious leaders around the globe. At a very young age I felt an incredibly strong urge to know and understand more about “spirituality” and the “unknown”. All though my formal teachings are very limited, I have devoted the better half of my life to obtain knowledge and a better understanding of information deemed Taboo by mainstream religions.

I have familiarized myself with the Kabbalah,Tantric Mysticism, Egypitian, Greek, and Mesopotamian Magicks, Norse traditions of Runes and Paganism, and The practice of Hatian Vodou, aswell as a few other forms of the Left Hand Path

Because of my background and childhood experiences, my main areas of study involved the grimoires of Hounoris and Solomon. Although what I’ve learned and practiced has produced results, given my experiences, I am hesitant to continue with these teachings. I have no doubt that what I’ve learned has been a fundamental basis on the workings of Black Magick but l look forward to a new and exciting adventure down the LHP.

Thank you all for giving me the ability to join you on a journey of deeper understanding and I can’t wait to get to know all of those on a similar path.

If anyone wishes to know more, I am an open book.