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Any insight is appreciated.

Came into contact with a dragon like being called ZUMATA.i have figured out that ZU is a way of calling ANZU of Mesopotamian legend who is a bird / dragon. Also that ZU. Means “to know “. I need to find out what MATA or MAATA means

The sigil is like a winged torch.

Anybody have any leads ?im
Pretty sure it’s not the Egyptian MAAT because it’s never prononced that way.

The only clue is a laboratory beaker vile with a blue shining liquid(see attached image).image


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Welp, Zu isn’t exactly a bird/dragon anymore than Horus and Thoth are, but that’s just splitting hairs, uh feathers.

I’ve no idea what MATA, MAATA means, but fwiw i’ve received that word and a few others like it from the same entity, at a guess it could be a reference to the Abzu as it was some times described as such by the Sumerians. On the other hand he might be asking you for a glass of Hpnotiq.

Appropriate as you may have discovered already he’s the source of the rebel angel stories.

I say keep useing it in rituals and see what happens, and please do keep us updated, very, very interesting. :+1:

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Your insights are interesting . Thank you.

In regards to my comment of it being a bird /dragon:

Anzû , also known as ZU 𒀭𒅎𒂂 is a lesser divinity or monster…Sumerian form of the name was at least sometimes also pronounced Zu, and that Anzu is primarily the Akkadian form of the name…”.

“Anzû/, “a mythical dragon-like bird” from *[𒀭]… (An, “heaven”) + * (zu, “to know”)”