Zozo the soldier oujia demon

I think zozo is in my mom’s house or has been following me for years but I am always hesitant to speak with the Roman soldier that haunts Ouija boards. Idk why but when I was in mediation I asked who has out a spell on me and his name just kind of popped into my head.


can you banish him?

Never have but once and he’s never harmed me really


Zozo isn’t a Roman soldier, he’s a legion of primarily Goetic demons.

Zozo isn’t a bunch of goetic demons. Zozo is an impish little shit who’s likely an egregore created by the common man’s fear of Ouija boards.


You’re mistaken, go ask King Belial if you don’t want to believe me.

I don’t have to ask anyone. I have had to deal with that little bastard myself and chase him out of my boards. And I only have issues with zozo in store bought ones. My home made boards are always zozoproof while still able to manifest the goetics.

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I mean you sound scared he’s going to say you’re wrong to me. It’s the simplest way to resolve this. If you want you can try Astaroth, they’re part of Zozo too, I know Belial intimidates some people.

What exactly is “Zozo proof” to you? What does that mean? I don’t get how you using a Ouija Board to communicate with Goetic demons you summon precludes the possibility of some of them forming a group they call Zozo. If that’s so break down how that makes sense.

Zozoproof meaning Zozo can’t bread through my wardings on the boards I craft myself. And I am not concerned about being wrong since I know I am not. Zozo is just an egregoric trickster spirit with no real power, unless you count stubbornness.

And believe me, I work with Belial more than enough to not be intimidated.


So essentially you’re claiming you know more than Belial, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Abaddon, Lucifuge-Rofocale, Vine, Sitri, Valefor, Shax & Valak just to name the Goetic demons because of a gnosis you didn’t get on a subject you haven’t researched owing to the fact one time something said it was Zozo on an incredibly flawed tool any spirit can jump in on, then you ignored it & didn’t investigate further?

You’ve never used the ENN & sigil & cast a circle to bar impostors so you have absolutely no way to know if you had the real Zozo or not. You’ve never spent time with the alleged constituent entities educating yourself on the matter. You haven’t taken the time to talk to the multiple practitioners ( Byron, Adam, Behemoth-X, etc) who have gotten results working with Zozo as a person would working with any ever Goetic entity. Your position is essentially you don’t need to learn about it because you haven’t learned about it & somehow that makes you feel right?

Sure, okay dude.

How do you know he did not?

How do you know he did not?

Again, how do you know?

He already said he met Zozo and Belial. :thinking:


I am siding with Annie here considering Killing someone quickly

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Adamthoth worked with Zozo and got really nice results… So you probably got an imp impersonating zozo


People can get nice results with a basic thought form servitor, so that doesn’t really prove anything.

It does prove a lot if you take your time to read into the magnitude of what was accomplished.

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In order in response to littleshart:

Because he said it was on a Ouija board.

Because he stated his only experience was on said Ouija board & he did not need further experiences.

The above is the answer to the next two questions as well.

No, he said one time on a Ouija board something claimed to be Zozo. In regard to Belial I’m suddenly feeling the urge to go extend my sympathies that he’s working with someone who thinks not investigating something makes him an expert in that subject.

In this demon spirit world. you can’t prove anything. It’s beyond proof. YOu can also question… Is that belial your talking to? how you know it’s not in your head? same can be said of zozo. why fight over identity of entities? If whatever entity you call comes help you. than it’s all good. IF you question if it’s zozo, how come you don’t question if it’s belial ? or any other demon? You can’t be sure of anything. It’s just faith. When we ask to work with certain demon. we assume it’s that demon we ask for help. There’s no guarantee it’s that demon.

When we do magick calling the goetia demons, we are working with the belief that ’ the demon we try to contact is the one that is helping us. We can’t be sure it’s really the demon. That’s why i care for result and not the identity of the demon as identity don’t matter. The results does. The label names identity is just a way to organize concepts/thoughts as easier way to communicate. At the end of the day. It’s about progress and results of your asking. Why people so hung up on identity? lol For all we know. Belial might even be casper the friendly ghost. =o) or your split personality you didn’t know you have. lol


It’s not the disagreement I mind, it’s the way this individual is going about it. As with this, as with anything, it’s fine to disagree but that doesn’t alter the fact it’s a really bad idea to make uninformed conclusion & then hang on for dear life, even in the face of new information.

All spiritual entities are thoughtforms that reside in and feed off from the universal consciousness (and therefore individual consciousness, obviously). Goetic demons, angels, gods, ouija spirits, elementals, egregores, servitors, you name it… in escence they are all the same. So this discussion is pointless.

Zozo is a lesser incessant being quite bullying by nature; malevolence comes from a lot of things. Has anyone ever enquired to why Zozo is the way he is?