Zorritos mess up 6 sense,

So i knw tis chick in Barnes &noble for 2 years,i do study tere,so last mont she say wants to learn my language,i was like ok, i order tis book,since i knw a few languages myself, its call making out in spanish,a phrasebook,it can teach to speak,read,write in . Hrs, i pick the book monday,she were cashing,ask for a pen,2 many pelz,so i live,got to get my coffe,she was across me,smiling,staring on me,i was like my 6 sense,kicking in,got to my seat get the book,and give to her,i was so yes,im cool,10 mnts later the manager store,& other chick straight to me,and say cashier. Cant take gifts,and she feel a litle uncomfortable whit book,damn chick,she spread bad rumors so fast,tey leave,left the book,i stay tere,and live. Oter door,my 6 sense totally fail me

Now i feel like a stalker,a creppy. Guy,bcse be a creepy in america. Is a lifetime. Garanty ya will be alone forever,now i mess up. Myself,and automatically. Banned myself from bookstore,peoples always say,listen to ya 6 sense,oh well ,i did and get me in big trouble,im so embarrassed myself,

Lust makes it hard to assess things clearly… you aren’t the first person to feel silly about a gesture of affection/attraction, and believe me, you won’t be the last! :wink:

Take a good hot bath and forget all about it is my advice, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Read “The Game” by Neill Strauss for some basic advice on dating.

I like your style of writing but I’m not sure I understood the exact specifics of how this went down. Basically you took a book from a store, forgot to pay and gave it to a girl as a gift?

Well…it happens. Get way more reference experiences with women before giving up. I’m talking hundreds. You should be starting conversations with women that you find attractive left and right. Stay gentlemanly throughout every encounter, don’t pressure yourself, and don’t blame yourself for mess ups. But be persistent enough to at least ask for a date at some point.

Do those books even work, I’ve never seen many plain guys with beautiful girls

I seriously doubt it, and the biggest obstacle for them working is there seems to be only 2 kinds of people: people who don’t believe in them at all, and people that believe 100% what they say and can’t use their own brain - then they go boosting on forums “oh fuck yeah i’m technically a superior ladie’s man” and call themselves pro if someone actually goes on a date with them hahaha. Okay maybe i’m being too black and white, but i think those books are mostly scam and that’s why they annoy me a bit.