Zodiac signs

I am personally a Leo. However, I do not associate people with zodiac signs. I see us all as one consciousness.

But I don’t know! I feel like, when I start thinking of astrology, that there is this whole world of energy… and I feel like tapping into it.

I don’t know why, but whenever I think of love and relationships I like to explore astrology and it’s feels so awesome!

But I feel it has limitations on people.

Perhaps a flawed but… working system?

Most people seem to accept astrology to some degree.

Does anybody have any advanced guides?
Id love to learn more about it (:slight_smile:

Sun signs are just the book cover.

Check your whole chart. Houses, placements, aspects, etc.


Is there a website that goes over all the different areas?

I’ve read up about houses a bit, but gosh… there has be a complete updated book on.

I would love a serious book or a website on this subject, that would be great

Yes, www.astrology.com.
You can get free charts for yourself and compare the ideas with your experience.

Personally, I think astrology tries too hard to be all things to all people, it gets very technical, but only for cosmic energies. So because it ignores the many other energy types that affect you, such as geomantic ley lines, the people around you, the spirit sof place etc, that’s what opens up holes where people go “oh that’s nothing like me”.

Yes but this is a whole other thing than consciousness.
Humans are affected by and consist of three types of energy, not one: cosmic, earth and human.

I would argue that the “human” part (called Ren Qi in qigong) is a misnomer,as we have many lives that may also affect us subtly and not all will have been as humans. Maybe, cosmic, home planet and incarnation. :slight_smile:

The human energy has the biggest effect day to day, minute to minute. Then Earth, and finally cosmic energy lends you tendencies and underlying currents of energy, that may or may not be overridden by the gross daily energy we are exposed to on the ground.

I think it’s very interesting and useful, just not as reliable when people try to treat it as the whole story. I treat it as interesting advice, like knowing which way the currents flow if you go for a swim, it doesn’t mean you can’t swim back to the shore or against the current, it means you may drift a bit over with a current. (Water analogies work quite well for energy work :slight_smile: )


I’d recommend books by Linda Goodman. For charts, you can check Astro Seek.

Start studying your own chart. Then check the charts of famous people.

Then, study transits. Again, check transits for relevant dates on famous people (Shakira’s current transits, Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain’s close to their deaths, etc).

Then, study synastry and composite charts. Check the synastry between Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt, etc.

There’s a lot! I’m just brainstorming famous people so you can take them as case studies.

I’m tagging @pinksugar in case she has more suggestions and advice!


I feel like I know what your saying. We should like meet up in a astra real time zone laterr. I’d love to learn more. (:slight_smile:

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I like Shakira, Maryln Monroe, and Kurt Cobain. (:heart_eyes: I like everything! I just got a coffee maker with a brew later function & now I can wake up to the smell of black coffee (x

Astrologer here!

I know it may sound elitist, but incorporating and understanding astrology is a must for any magician that has serious ambitions in magick and understanding the vast majority of things.
Let me tell you that Astrology, if you are skilled in your intuition also, can be an eerie accurate thing and does outshine any tarot readings (I started as a kid with tarot, then later in my adult life as an astrologer)
Astrology is basically the “data” of any given event. Let’s just say you feel a certain way, but you can’t put it into language, well astrology shows you the data why you feel a certain way.
Astrology is the snapshot of the moment in time.

The problem is that there is to much Pop astrology out there.
You are right when you say “we are more than just that” because the whole chart matters.
I may joke sometimes, especially towards Virgo people hehe, saying “oh you’re typical Virgo” but the reality is that a serious Astrologer won’t ever just judge someone based on their Sun sign!
That is simply bs!
Again, everything is important. The rising, your inner planets, also outer planets (I love Pluto, underrated planet tbh)
Everything counts.

Are you a Pisces, you sound like one (there goes my joking :upside_down_face:)


There definitely is truth in astrology. I just posted about Destiny Cards… Astrology showed me similar stuff but in a more convoluted way…
There are always certain signs that I get on well from the get go (Aries here) and others who piss me off or I get explosive relationships with no matter how nice I try to be they get on my nerves constantly.
Therefore I blacklisted certain signs LOL

He already said he is a Leo.

Carl Jung used to do his clients’ astrocharts before treating them.
I used to do them too when I was reading tarot for clients… the connection that provides is insane.

You didn’t seem to get the joke. I tried to “generalize”
As I said, there is more than the sun sign. The degrees are extremely important as well.

I would recommend you astrology podcasts such as “the astrology podcast” by Chris Brennan. He has a lot of YouTube videos where you can learn astrology and he really does a deep dive.
I have a channel too but I won’t name that here :wink:

Hey nice I love Aries. I use to have a best friend as an Aries, since then I’ve transitioned Into love with Aries, very loyal, amazing women in my experience, super hot to haha

Conicendtally I’ve also had another friend that was an Aries that was a guy. I was a beginner at magic back then and I had progressed way to fast and became pretty good at healing. I had strobed my heart chakra and healed his crown and other chakra very well while he was sleeping… and unfortunately… I had created a very bad attachment with him and he was purposely feeding of my energy way to much. I didn’t know anything about self defense at the time, I could’ve saved him as well as I, but it became to one sided and he was partially possessed by a demon, it’s kinda crazy how you help someone so well that sometimes they just keep taking and taking. Well, unfortunately I had to take back, it was such a shame. We had real brotherly love, and he was just way to vulnerable, I can’t believe I was so ignorant back then, if I had learned self defense, then things would have been different.

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Thanks for the info, I use to be into astrology back in highschool. I haven’t done a deep dive, but I still refer to if sometimes often, but in my experience… it seems like people who believe in the negative traits associated with there sign are often vulnerable.

For example, if a Capricorn were to agree that they are often pessimistic, then that usually makes it much easier for permissions to be granted to that energetic aspect, which then leads to manipulation wether it be good or bad. It makes it easier to get them to form contracts within themselves or implanting seeded thoughts.

Or perhaps an Aries believes the negative traits that they could have problems with Anger. If they agree to that, then permissions are much easier to get, then comes manipulation.

So at this time, I think that its all just a system for people who are really good at manipulating energy to take advantage of these people. And alottt of people believe in astrology.

Well that is pop astrology. No real astrologer reads charts like that. What you describe are stereotypes that are often used to describe the negative aspects of a sign, but not a person.
In order to say something like that I either need to see a chart or I already met that person and can read their energy.
I personally don’t know anyone who believes they’re too much this or that.
However, I will admit that if one had a hard life so far and it is seen in their chart that they can get hung up on this.
But astrology is more than just that. Once you understand it, which can take years, you will see that there are no coincidences.
I was shown this by my guides… even the things you do on a daily basis are ruled by the stars at a particular hour.
Which does not mean you can’t influence things, you surely can, I’ve been able to manifest things even if it was impossible.
once you understand astrology, you will be better at hacking this dimension which we are in.

Again those were examples of things in general. I’m sure a deep dive would be great.

However I’m already having plenty of success with magic at the moment.

I’m sure astrology has benefits, but don’t see much use for it at the moment.

I don’t think it’s very practical to have to read a chart for every person in order to manipulate things.

Of course you can influence people without astrology. However, once you know their birth chart, well that is a different story. Why do you think some people are so secretive about their birth data?
A skilled person can see anything from their chart… I should mention that I met very successful people in my life… guess what. They know astrology. But will never admit it in public. The 1%, the Uber rich make use of it and know the power of it. (Also politicians)
The general public is lead to believe that it’s just nothing else than hocus pocus, while the others make use of it.
But you’re right, it’s not your time yet to uncover these things probably. One day it’ll make sense.

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I think that goes back to my point how it’s flawed, It makes since that the people in power use it. They’re not doing a particularly good job at it haha

But hey… I’m an open minded individual, I’m sure one day I’ll find use for it in one way, shape or form.

I think that goes back to my point how it’s flawed, It makes since that the people in power use it. They’re not doing a particularly good job at it haha

But hey… I’m an open minded individual, I’m sure one day I’ll find use for it in one way, shape or form.