Zero contact with magic so far

Hello everyone. As the title suggest, I have no knowledge about magic of any kind. I was born as Christian and, as everyone know I was taught to live with fear of any kind of spirits. If you actually want to know why am I here, honestly, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I want to know if magic really exist, or I want more external help in my life, or because… Actually thinking about that there is a lot of reasons I’m here xD. Anyway, I’m here and I wanna learn more about this. So if you have any suggestions or questions which can give you certain knowledge about me, so you can give me some directions from where/how should I start, please let me know. I’m sorry if my English is not really good but I hope you can understand what I’m saying. Thanks!



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You may start with the Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael; the first is related to Moon and Water, the other two to Sun (and Fire) and Mercury (Air) or the other way around as well. For example you may contact these entities in case of need or to ask questions, in accordance to their powers: protection, healing, communication…


I think you maybe should first of all put yourself some goals
what do you want to achieve
do you have any problems obstacles, or do you want to improve something on your life
then go and search for the topic or make a new thread
so you can get different forms of magic to achieve your goals

I think you have to get more practical to start with

plus read a lot
understand symbolisms and correspondencies
to empower your spells etc

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Thank you for your reply. But as I already said, I don’t know anything about magic so if you can give some more directions or places I can inform how to do that I will be more than grateful. I know you probably have it covered in forum somewhere but it’s kinda hard for me to distinguish which thread is for a beginner like me or which is for experienced people.

you have to difference first the different magical systems
cause some are completely diffrent from others
so you have to choose in a way where to align yourself to
a firs step might be religion what you belive in
this can give you a guideance on what magical system might work for you

are you still a christian?

I’m still a Christian. But I never been so close to my religion, I mean I was born in a Christian family but I didn’t practice this religion so much, I was going to the church once or twice a year. I know the basics of my religion but nothing more…

If you want I can give you a private message
and I might be able to find something you can start with


Welcome to the forum.