Lately, I was followed by a very, very dark and evil entity who was taking the form of a pale lady wearing a white bride dress. She lurked around me with an evil, large smile, and when asking her name, she told me her name was Barbas. During an attempt to communicate with her, I saw a kind of platform in the open air. The platform had a red door in its center, with a dead tree on each side. Above, the sky was yellow/greyish, the same color as the grass on the ground (seems really, really dry and/or dead). When I tried to open the door, I couldn’t so I asked the entity to open the door, it said no with its head, and I noticed it was wearing a golden key as a necklace (the key to that door I assume). I said “Barbas, open the door or tell me what’s behind”, it answered “That is not my name”.

Anyway, few days later, I dreamt of this entity again. It gave me its name (can’t remember it, but started with a J), and I banished it in my dream. When I woke up, the only thing I had in mind was the name “Zepar” and the name/word combination/symbol “6fer”. I also felt a huge need to offer my blood (I started to bled that night).

I found out that Zepar was an entity who caused women to love and lust for men but make them sterile. I was wondering if that meant that both man and woman would be sterile, as I don’t want to give away my fertility by working with him (for me, fertility = power), so asked the question during daytime yesterday and drew his sigil, and poured menstrual blood on it before going to sleep. That night, I dreamt I was pregnant, so I got my answer.

I can feel his presence around me, a very strong, hot, protective masculine presence. Anytime I ask him if he is here, he says “Yes”, with the deepest, sexiest male voice I ever heard :sweat_smile: It’s day and night compared to the previous entity that was lurking around me before ! Few days ago I was depressed and exhausted, a numb state I was enduring for months, now I’m feeling so much energy, so much lust (I’ve always felt lust, even when I was depressed, but now more than ever, and the lust I felt was already huge before), I don’t get everything :sweat_smile:

I read that Zepar was linked to Lilith, an entity I’m close with. I didn’t read much about Zepar here, so I’m curious if anyone ever lived a similar experience (with Zepar or another entity) and worked with him (I’d be delighted to read female testimonies). I’m also curious of what kind of work I could do with him :slight_smile:


Not sure but that all sounds pretty awesome