Zepar and weight loss?

I may have mentioned before that I have a strange fascination with Zepar and I’m not sure why. I’m trying to really embark on healthy changes, and I was curious if he might help with that? I’m also in the process of gathering some things for offerings and such, a sigil necklace, and maybe even a Magic 8ball to consecrate for communication. I’m still learning about “drop mind” so I don’t think I’d be able to pick up on an answer right away. I don’t like using a pendulum and I don’t know how to get a yes/no from tarot.

A technique that a Christian witch I met used, was to pull a card and see its number, odd numbers were yes, otherwise it was a no
A technique I learned in Thelema, was to read the Hebrew letters of the major arcana and court cards, so a clear answer was delivered to me by litereally reading the cards

Sorry for of topic I just love your profile pic :yum:
I asked random spirits if he’d help and they said only if you show devotion and it’ll take a while.
And no I have no clue who answered but it was clear to me that it was somthing else not my own intuition because the voice changed in my head, I’m getting the idea it’s gonna be a Stern type of arrangement slash communion if that words not offensive I dunno lol. Sorry if I’m channeling to you and didn’t really have you ask I’ve just been doinbitto and it’s flowinvbetter then normal so I’m using it. “Don’t worry about perception just do what you must to obtain the key” I tried to ask for a clue to translate it for you and got that’s a message for them and then alone don’t stand in there way.

Nifty trick reading the Hebrew I just found a super huge I structions guide how to read tarot cards haven’t checked it out much yet I’ll post the link if either of you are interested.

Thanks y’all.
And yeah I love the Lokitty graphic, I think it’s hilarious. It’s not my art though.