Zener cards for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

Hello there, today I was exercising my ESP through Zener cards. I found 6 cards from 14, a pretty much high score for my first try. I was just touching the card and immediately, a picture was in my brain of the symbol of the hidden card. A sign that your intuition and ESP abilities are open is that in the area close to the Sahasrara chakra (behind the head) is light, giggling or feeling the energy and that’s weird because the Ajna chakra is for intuition and other psychic abilities. How you can explain it ?

Another sign is to ask yourself a question you don’t know the answer to, think about it a few minutes then go about life.

An answer will usually come through either through claircognianze or through an outside source.

See, I guess I need to know what you are referring to, because while it can seem like the wired energy at a particular center is reacting to you- it can just mean the energy is gunked up, never been worked with, you aren’t used to it. You may even only be experiencing this phenomenon because you read you should while playing this game- I don’t know because I don’t know where this info comes from.

I’ve had time where my throat energy center seemed like someone was squeezing it every time I could hear an entity- eventually it stopped and I realized the weirdness was due to the fact I was just beginning to use those energetic muscles.

I noticed energy in a way that tends to feel like it’s flowing or moving around me when I’m working with and that most other sensations are an indication of an area I still need to work on.

I don’t see anything wrong with esp games, but I feel like they are priming you to guess, rather than to listen which is how claircognianze works for me- it’s just knowing, I can feel the answer if I listen energetically and translate it into words.

Of course sometimes you can literally hear an answer, but I think that’s really getting away from the phenomenon you’re trying to understand.

I personally find the claircognianze and Clairsentience to be more effective when I am not trying to guess the answer. I assume I don’t know it and I have to wait for the answer to find me.

That being said, my ability to guess an answer has also increased, but ibdobt rely on my ability to guess like I did in high school when this was a skill I used for test passing and the like.

I did it by just seeing the picture immediately in my brain after touching the fard and feeling its energy more, rather than guessing.

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Ah, sounds like clairvoyance. Much better than guessing and I would assume this means that skill will be one you can develop fairly easily.

You might looking into the scanning threads, people who scan others often get images/impressions. I do, but they tend to be really faint visually compared to an image from an entity though I can sorta pan around and see more sometimes.

I guess it’s really more the difference in terminology, but yea if your getting images and not just guessing, that is good.

Do you know further exercises (or even spirit, especially pagan goddesses and demons) that I can use in order to develop it further (in a way like remote viewing, seeing spirits or aura, intuition etc.) ?

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I like Robert Bruce’s tactile imagery personally and find focusing on all of my senses- what do I smell, what do I taste, what do I hear, what do I see?

Doing this all at the same time drops you into a state where you can better access these senses- regardless of which you want to work on.

Like I’m awful with visualizing due to aphantasia. I can’t make images though I can receive them from entities.

So I like to take notice of what can I see that I am not even realizing I see. The example I like is if you’re reading this on your phone.

I see my phone, a pen, a pack of cigarettes, a bike, a carpet, a door, a mirror etc- and I’ve not even lifted or moved my eyes nor stopped typing, only slowed down enough to actually notice these things.

Then I ask what I can smell, can I feel my clothes on my skin, can I taste my toothpaste, coffee etc still, like not remember but still taste it?

Basically with practice this leads to what I call perfect possession of your body and thusly allows you access to your spiritual and energetic bodies as well.

Anytime something says visualize substitute the word imagine and then use all of the senses instead of your just sight.

:rofl: Otherwise working with any spirit helps, the more you do so the more you use your senses and they develop kinda like muscles.

Most spirits can help directly with techniques that are best for you either given directly or because you accidentally came across it. Idk if I’ve ever seen anyone say that a spirit couldn’t help with their senses tbh :rofl:

The list of can helps is pretty extensive and depending on which sense you want to focus most on could possible even vary slightly for best personal results.