Zanna Blaise's The 72 Sigils of Power or Adam Blackthorne's Sigils of Power and Transformation

Which are the main differences between those books?
Which one is best suited for inner work and actual results?


Zanna Blaise book has section for both inner work and result magick. Within the same sigil she gives an alternative whether you will perform inner work/result magick.

Sigils of power and transformation mainly it focuses on results though there are some sigils to work on yourself but mainly are sigil to bring actual result.

the main difference between the two Zanna blaise book is based on 72 names of god but adam sigils some he designed himself other he took from ancient manuscripts.

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Just a correction: Adam didn’t design the sigils according to the text, all of them were taken from another manuscript, but it is not ancient, the manuscript is from the 20th Century. But, according to him, the sigils have features that were taken from ancient symbols. But, it’s not directly any ancient symbol but rather a mixture.


Thanks for the correction, because i have read the book since early 2020. So its hard to remember all the details.

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