The goetia workshop is working on Zagan.

This is my experience.

I called out to Zagan and he appeared …with long black straight hair and a black shirt

He wore sunglasses. The dark …round kind. He looked kinda like a cool laid back rock star.

I asked if he could help me with something I’ve been looking for and he walked me through this exercise.

I needed to find the waters with no name…

So this is what he said

Imagine your in a huge body of water

Now go under the surface
Take note of what you see

Now go deeper
Look at what you see.

Now go until you Hit the deepest trench in this water.

You cannot see here so look with your other senses and abilities.

What is there?

A chest.

And what is in the cheSt?

What is in the chest?

A key.

What does the key look like?

What does the key look like?

So I drew out what the key looks like with automatic hand writing. .

This was my work with Zagan .

Arianna :rose:


Can you show us the key drawing? Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


Yes I will soon…

Was just looking into it a little farther.


Oh I see, great, will wait :3


Thanks it should be up sometime today :slight_smile:


Lovely, thanks for your share sister, blessings~


So just finished my ritual with zagan. Still a bit dazed by it :dizzy_face: lol

So i set up my evocation elements for this one which turned into a pair of pentagrams the larger formed by candles containing the smaller inverted one formed by censors and a candle carved with Zagan’s sigil in the center coated with an incense blend i made for the work as well as the sigil disc.

When i opened the gates within and without the room my vison was filled with a mix of spiraling energy,color, and what appeared to be blood, muscle fibers and other viscos tissues.


Most of the conversation got personal fast but one thing that came up was i asked Zagan to teach me to preform works as they do. I was instructed to meditate on the candle and the form around me untill i could bare no more as i did it felt like lightning and fire begain to slowly course through me and around me until my body felt like it was in front of a tesla coil or a roaring flame burning away that which hinders my way.

When i could take no more i let Zagan know and was told to let the candle burn down with the disc under it so his essences woud become anchored to it.