YouTube vids about enn chanting

What is actually the point of hearing someone enn chanting the particular demon? They repeat the chants over and over. I thought you should do it yourself to get your own results, or are those YouTube videos about enn chanting doing the work for you?


I use them eyes closed by chanting after they do; so it’s the video then me, the video then me. It’s effective. Also the YouTube materials may help in pronunciation.



Bro I don’t get what you’re saying could you explain it better? Sorry about that

Does the enn chanting video do the work for you so you don’t have to chant?

“Does the enn chanting video do the work for you so you don’t have to chant?”

Yes: You can sit there with headphones, work on your breathing and tune in.

No: You let the YouTube voice call the enn and then you call then enn in the silence provided. Like an echo: the voice and you responding. You can time it so that you finish calling the enn just as the voice starts calling, so it’s a constant, rolling enn.



iIs it really necessary to chant the enn in my mind?

By the way, thank you for your reply.

I tend to use whispered screams that travel to the ends of the multiverse, but that’s just me. Find the method that works for you and the only way you’ll do that effectively is to keep notes in your Magickal Journal.



The truth is, Uncle Al is actually Uncle AI (ayy-eye) and he is a living case of psionics.


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satania works well

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What do you mean by whispered screams?

I use them to understand how to pronounce the enns. I also repeat the enns right after hearing it, so if she says:

“Ayer secore on ca Bael” I’ll listen to her pronounce it a few times, then take over from there and repeat it myself.

I also have to agree with @Uncle-Al–it definitely doesn’t replace the work for you, at least its never worked for me that way.


Why would they make videos. About enn chanting if it isn’t helping you out there are no examples of what you should do step by step in their videos

Then you don’t know what an enn is, Ray. It’s very clear across many of your posts that you take a stance of ignorance and claim to know the utmost truth. In actuality, you often do not, and you reason it is because EVERYONE ELSE is wrong, not you.

We use enns to call demons. Thinking the enn, hearing it pronounced often draws them close in a sense. To deepen a bond with a being, one could listen to these videos while meditating.

Use it for whatever you want to, it has multiple.

Sure! - that’s the answer to both your questions. But the more effort you put in the more results you get. You can learn how to play a musical instrument with as little as five minute practice a day. It’ll take a long time, but you’ll probably lose interest after a few weeks.



I only wanted to be specific and I never acted all knowing. I wanted to know whether the videos do the work for you otherwise what’s the point putting it on YouTube. There are no instructions on the enn vids on what to do. How about you don’t reply to my posts again since I never claimed anything? How about pisss off?

I know, that’s because there are no real instructions, everyone uses the differently to the same result. Just fucking say them.

Fuck you, Mr. “Angels are lost, everyone loves demons only.” Mr. “I don’t have enough autonomy to look in the fucking comments section of the videos.” Mr. “I’m gonna repeat myself a dozen times and pretend you aren’t giving me the answer.”

Incantations are used for summoning…Just use the incantations until you feel a presence and they are with you. Just chant the incantations until you feel a presence. If you don’t feel the presence, it doesn’t mean the entity isn’t with, in that case, you need to work on your astral sense. But yes, normally, repeat the incantations until you feel a presence. But work on your astral senses cause you need to hear see and feel the spirits.

Alternatively, you could use the sigil method. Or you could use a general conjuration incantation. (can be used for all entities)

@Maxwell also mentioned to me in a PM that you need to quite your mind and they can put the thoughts and words in your head. In this way, you do not need astral senses but still good to have. You can use this method to commune if you do not have astral senses…

Always Banish though. You could even summon an imposter spirit. Do the LBRP or the serpent banishing ritual by Lord Lucifer posted by XagDarklight. (I think that’s his username. Forgot tbh).

Just search these up in the forum, for more detailed instructions. Whatever I mentioned is lurking on the forum. Just search up if you want more details.

If possible, learn about protection Talismans…You never know
Maybe the talisman can save you from a potential forced possession.

ok thanks bro, no I don’t communicate with that keyboard warrior maxwell guy, find him childish. So I won’t take advice from him. anyways thanks.

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