Youtube video's that i have question's for TRUE/FALSE why?(this question also goes for every other video like this one) TRUE/FALSE why?(again every other video applies) (all of this guys videos) when some of his video’s show people supposedly possessed by demon’s is it showing truth or something different?

i feel like i had some more but i cant think of them right now.

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I don’t think it’s a matter of true vs false, that question is only going to frustrate you, because the answer is a bit of both, depending on your perspective.

Are these folks having experiences that are real for them, of course. And they’re allowed to make of them whatever they want. We are creator beings we make it up as we go along and we make it real. Depending on what ‘truth’ means to you, that’s also in question.

Are they interpreting these experiences in a way that fits with your personal philosophy, maybe, maybe not. You didn’t way what that was, so.

So my question is, why don’t you try it and experiment for yourself and make up your own mind about your experiences, and worry a bit less about what people so wholly unrelated to you do?

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Truth is always relative, it’s not absolute. All those videos are someone else’s spiritual-mental experience. It’s not supported by physical evidence or any verifiable proof. Without that, the question should be, are those stories possible or not? My answer… Anything is possible. But those stories contradict my personal knowledge and experience, therefore I have to make a choice and reject them because I choose to believe what I know.

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Right. I mean, to take the example of the first 2 stories - near death experiences of some afterlife fitting a religious model, there’s a school of thought that says many humans on death will create for themselves a heaven/hell/whatever corner of the astral, based on their expectations, conscious and subconscious. we do this to work out issues before deciding enough is enough and move on. It’s still truth to them, but doesn’t need to involve anyone else.

I have a very different model of the universe and don’t expect to spend any time doing that. People not raised in a very Christian society don’t tend to find “hell” in NDEs - how could they when it’s not their culture? - using the Christian’s framework is a personal choice. I’ve never neen Christian of any flavour and never felt called to investigate it much, so I know every little about it, but it seems very mind-controlling, oppressive and cultish, and I’m turned off by the very energy of it, so it doesn’t surprise me that people get a bit doolally about it’s ideas - also Christians exhibit craziness every day. Some Muslims literally find themselves attended by virgins in a garden though for their NDEs, Taoists find gardens with peaches and such.

Regarding the Christian church drama thing, I think that “posession” during services is a mixture of things. Some people might be faking, some hysterical, some might be self-inducing another way, at some point I expect spirits are involved - since the invitation seems to be pretty vague who knows which ones… I would expect a whole mess of possibilities.

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I agree with you. The NDE is more likely psychological based on subconscious beliefs and personal circumstances around the time of “death”. I personally used to experience OBE almost daily for long period of time. And from what I’ve seen… it was verifiable by several people. I described exactly what they were doing, and the places I visited - for the first time - were the same in real life. I believe in the existence of the spiritual self after death. But beyond that, I wouldn’t personally know.

Problem with Christian “services” like these is that it’s mainly a business. Those people make millions from donations and tax-free treatment from their governments. Most those cases of demonic possession are obviously staged. The rest can be easily explained, like you mentioned, by mass hysteria and psychological disorder. I’m not saying demonic possessions do not exist… I know they do. But they’re nothing like that at all, and they have very specific and extreme reason, that’s why they’re very rare. If we accept all those videos of demonic possession, posted by those Churches to promote their business, and re-posted by Christians to support their faith… we should then believe that 90% of human beings - especially, ironically, Christians!! - are possessed by demons. Logically that doesn’t make any sense.