Youtube attacks Kek?

apparently youtube is going full out and censoring everything they disagree with. Including kek by way of allying with the ADL (Anti-Defamation-League). CALLING ALL KEKISTANIS TO BATTLE POSITIONS. ARM THE MEMES AND FIRE THE DANKNESS


(since youtube is a corporation this shouldn’t conflict with the rules right @Lady_Eva

This isn’t a curse, cursing YouTube would of course be counterproductive at this stage, so no, just like magick to influence the Presidency, this doesn’t break the rules, we want freedom of speech on their platform and not to harm them or their employees.

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ok so magick for influencing things in the direction we want is ok as long as we make sure no one gets hurt

Magick OF ANY KIND is fine, this is purely an issue of preventing someone claiming they were threatened, I’m going to repeat the full wording because it’s important, Claidheam knows his stuff and put considerable research into this:

Needless to say, repeating catchphrases of the Religion of Peace™ such as “Death to the Infidels” could be misinterpreted, so shitpost for Kek on other platforms, please, I have to keep this one tidy. :wink:


@Lady_Eva was my comment deleted for making a bad joke? Or because it was inappropriate?

Never mind, saw ya las comment.

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It’s a bigger problem than just on Youtube.

Take this as an example.

And of course he was fired for wrong think.

What is to be done? Any suggestions? Oh and if anyone works with runes please have a look at the Anti-Defamation-League list of “hate symbols” and also ask yourselves how long until ones like the inverted pentagram are added to it?

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