Youtube algorythms are currently being changed Ref. Date: 13:08:2019 (DD:MM:YYYY)

Since quite a bunch of us run public Youtube channels,
i think that information might be valuable for many of us;

Youtube seems to clearly work on it’s algorithms currently.

The Like, and dislike buttons,
tend to have fixed values,
not counting the actual click,
but rather keeping a set display amount currently.

Someone interested into coding,
might want to look into the source code more precisely.

What clearly shows,
down to customer level,
usually indicates a general code to be re-written.

in this case,
it most likely is linked with the new platform segment release,
of it’s music Platform.

Not entirely sure there,
but i think i’ve seen some paid music service being enrolled there.

Until it’s confirmed further,
here’s just a little note,
on how re-coding might be affecting people who are missing out on awareness about it:

This is not a definite statement.

Just me giving forward notice,
about a potential “glitch” / Dejavu moment in the Matrix,
which distributes a good deal of current information strings.

  • for those checking the edit of mechanism:

Simply look at the Like dislike ratio being fix,
regardless which account you’re on,
and if the video is getting a like or not.


an example taken from this video:

the video before,
is fixed on the big number,
of likes,
and non-fixed on the low number,
of dislikes,
so it must be a max-amount limit that’s been set into place.

On Dark Age of Youtube:


Without the dislike,
or with a like present;


with a dislike present.

After all,
that shows,
that the system has fixed the values,
that count in,
but does count,
until numbers are reached.

  • I’m pointing that out,
    because Youtube used the dislike function for deciding who to kick out of their board,
    and as a reference of content quality.

Which means,
with fixed numbers,
those decisions are fixed aswell.
And pre-determined.

Please keep that in mind,
when youtube comes along,
arguing the Viewer base might love / or hate,
the content that one of Balg’s associated channels puts out to the Public.

Those numbers are rigged,
as shown above,
and due to that,
don’t count as a reliable proof anymore.



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Some confirmation of what i had noticed.