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What tarot decks would you guys recommend for someone like me with my particular practices?

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depends on your level of tarot, The waite deck is great for starting, if you have experience I usually just browse something like etsy till i find one that resonates with me (that’s how i found the cat tarot that i love using :slight_smile: )

for something like that I usually just browse a site till something literally jumps out at you :slight_smile:
based on the few posts of yours I glanced through, you seem to have a draconian altar set up, Asenath is coming out with a draconian deck sometime next year I think.

It’s kind of changed actually. I did away with the Draconian “decor” for lack of a better word.

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Perhaps the Tarot deck of S.Ben Qayin would suit you. I never seen you altar however a post of yours mentioning of the Old ones and your connection to them comes to mind, if its the case then perhaps it’s worth checking out.


:joy: sorry about that.

I haven’t tried qayin’s deck, that might suit you. on the topic of that current it’s slim pickings from the looks but give these a look through, see if they stand out for you :slight_smile:

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Egyptian Tarot seems appropriate to me given your… sexploits😏

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Check out this lady’s YouTube channel - she has plenty of tarot cards decks that she flips through (the WHOLE deck) so you can see each and every card before committing to purchase:


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Since you’re into that current

I like raider wait deck but thinking of something new. Want something sinister but most places have the love n light shit going.