Your thoughts on the Draconian Path

Would really like to know.

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I have worked in this path before… Actually more along the lines of D.J. Conway’s books, Dancing With Dragons and The Five Inner Rings.
But it is an honest path to take. There is much to learn and the dragons themselves are kind if you are kind to them.
If you want to get started in this path i suggest buying and reading Dancing with Dragons… Also The 5 Inner Rings book is great too (It teaches you a lot).
But beyond that i would suggest finding your guardian dragon and eventually finding your co-magician dragon.
If you want i can give you a ritual on how to contact your guardian dragon. (if you haven’t already).


Depends on what you are looking for OP.
There is Conway’s book and there is also Aseneth Mason’s book as well The Draconian Path which is more into the Demonic side.

What were you interested in?


The Demonic side.

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Well there are a good number of Daemons you can evoke for this. Belial, Asmoday, Set, just to name the ones i talk too. They are all part of this path so you can get some first hand info from them.


The Draconian path I would describe as a path of improvement. It doesn’t matter where your inspirations come from, the Draconian path takes the practitioner and throws them outside of what is comfortable for them. You have to adapt very quickly.

Asenath Mason and Michael Kelly are probably the best authors of the LHP version of this path. Thomas Karlsson is also a prominent figure in the Draconian path although his books are a little bit harder to get in the US. Daemon Brazai is also pretty good, I think his books are best read in the original Spanish if possible. I also recommend authors who are heavily connected to the tradition but not part of it like Jan Fries (shaman) and Father Sebastian (living vampire). I think Chaos magic also helps greatly in the tradition.

I also think that it’s a lifestyle as much as it is a form of magic, even though sometimes you need breaks from the magic side of things.