Your thoughts on Spiritual Immortality?

I’ve been working with the book, Magickal Protection by Damon Brand, as many here I’m sure have. I’m on the 11th day of performing the Master Protection Ritual. If you’ve done this, you’ll know that there is a genius who’s call reads: “Zeffak: genius of irrevocable choice, grant me the power to create my own immortality”.

The words “irrevocable choice” stand out, and “the power to create my own immortality” are what interests me, do you have any thoughts on this? What does this mean to you?

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i havent got the book but it sounds like hes refering to the fact you need power before you can become immortal. You need to have enough power to retain your consciousness outside of your body when you die in order to become immortal. The instructions to create the philosphers stone is of no use to you unless you have the power to create it. Once you have the power and the stone thats it you are immortal when you die your consciousness continues wherever it pleases, you can never truly die. Most people right now could be killed spiritually when still alive. If you havent intergrated the higher self enough your connection to it can be cut off with magic. Also you have no real choice what happens when you die without being immortal. No one with it would tell you and even if they told you the chances are you would laugh at them anyway. If you were told how to make it and you beleived them you wouldnt be able to without power. Its the biggest secret in the world i think and you would have to be a genius to create it. Its so cryptic and complex. I guarantee if anyone had it and posted how to get it they would be called a LARP.


Interesting perspective, and I see where you’re coming from. Your reply seems pointed at the power to create my own immortality part. I’m still sitting here pondering what is meant by “Irrevocable choice”.

  • larp hmn?

True, i never wrote down the recipe,
because when i worked with it i was clearly told to not make notes.

But i personally don’t really believe my Philospher stone to grant immortality, itself, and even if it did, it’s all been used up by now anyway.

I currently still have 1-2 batches of elixier left,
so no need to rush on making any new.

usually, 1 spoon is enough for a litre for me. :slight_smile:

No, if you really want to gain immortality, there are other routes, which are more reliable.

but you have to be firm in your own understanding and believes to a degree,
since default society considers death to be normal.

Study buddhism first,
to get closer to the mindset of bodhi-satva-ism.

Which means, those who live on, from birth to birth.

  • if i recall correlty. could be the lama’s only.

the devil gene can theoretically be re-designed into a different version,
since it’s designed to work along with the Wearers Will,
and be focused on defense, increased reflexes for survival,
and increased rejuvination.

It certainly helps my rejuvination since i have it in me.

But - regardless of all of those,
the best training is out of body travel.

Soul Travel natrually strengthens your Astral presence,
giving you more access and control over your body,
and making you more aware that those are tools,
you use in your daily life,
but not you.

The “you -you”, can theoretically be transported into a new vessle upon death,
but that’s a different topic,
and i feel like i shared enough for the moment.

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Will send my thoughts as soon ass I get settle here @Yberion hang tight.:blush::+1: