Your thought on Trinity

I know today that the christian concept of Trinity is bullshit! Since it’s a stolen concept from both pagan and heathen knowledge. There is trinity concept in Hindu; Wicca as well as possibly Norse.

Is the Trinity concept also present in black magic? As I understand, the stupid christians are too sexually bias consider the notion of Mother God. I would assume that’s Astarte/Astaroth/Isis/Inanna…Possibly Hecate as well. Do I assume correctly?

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The trinity in Christianity isn’t really bullshit, it exist in many pantheons and remain valid in all of them, however, black magick is not a pantheon, the trinity is a general thing among the pantheons, while black magick is just a concept created by people who wanted to feel different from other forms of magick.

Aset isnt a “black magick” deity, she’s a light orientated Goddess of wisdom and magick, while her twin sister Nephthys is a dark orientated Goddess of Death and darkness.

Ishtar is a light orientated goddess of the heavens.

Hecate is a Goddess of death and magick.

You would need to look into their pantheons and see what they are grouped into a trinity with.

Hecate on her own is a triple Goddess, Aset is part of a trinity with Osiris and Horus.

Ishtar/Inanna/Astarte are the same being and is in a trinity with her father Sin and brother Shamesh/Utu.

A person can create their own trinity if the entities involved are okay with working together as a trinity in that person’s path.


For some reason, things in spirituality tend to be divided in groups of three, such as in the Qabalah, where the Sephiroth are divided in triads. As far as I remember, Sumerians also had their gods divided in groups of three. However, Wicca is not an ancient thing, thus putting it among the others implying that Christianity may have copied from it would be innacurate


Pagan is anything that came before Christianity, it was however not always called pagan if I remember right.

Wicca is a daughter of Crowley, I meant that when Wicca appeared as a religion, there had been already almost 2000 years of Christianity

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Not wicca, pagan was a label for all religions that were not the main monotheistic. Said pagan religions predated Christianity but Christianity created the label for them, as well as calling them heathens.


I think your assumptions are in tge right direction. Interesting thread.

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