Your savior is here :P (Introduction)

I am Lokitty of Catgard, and I am burdened with glorious cat toys.
Lol I never really know what to say to introduce myself. There’s not much to say. I’m not one of those special snowflakes who claims to have a title, a special bloodline, to be part insert-entity-here, or to have special powers and abilities. I’m actually supremely ungifted.
My path is, I don’t know, topsy-turvy, and I just follow where my curiosity goes.
Fair warning - I can, unfortunately, be a bit aggressive in discussions due to immense skepticism and frustration with my experiences.
It seems there is a great deal of things to learn, and my goal right now is to get better at obtaining a meditative/trance state.


Welcome, Cat Loki.

@Lokitty Are you my brother that has never been existed? Welcome to the forum.

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I think I am going to die… You like someone?


Welcome to the forum!

Hello! Thank you for the welcomes. It is nice to meet you all. I try to be humorous, though it may not always succeed lol.

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Welcome, fellow underwhelmingly mediocre internet person.


He likes Lop Pollo, but don’t tell anyone, is a secret he kept on the forum.


Welcome @Lokitty

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in maigck?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? In your post you haven’t actually told us anything about you or your experience in magick.

Damn, my friend, can you not keep a secret?

Well lets not derail anymore lol.


Okay, okay, I forgot to say hi to OP

Welcome to the forum, @Lokitty

But you are special ! Just like everyone else.

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Oh duh, I guess I did not fill in the usual requested information.
I live in the southeast USA.
I am really not very experienced in the actual practicing of magick. There’s not really a certain type I lean towards. I am open to pretty much anything within reason.
I have been pagan for over 20 years; I guess I am more spiritual than witch.


So they’re special snowflakes for finding their soul self or for flexing it?

Welcome to the forum.

Ah, well, I guess I’m just mean sometimes …

So what brings you to the forum?

I’d say that this forum is a refreshing change of others I’ve seen … real no-nonsense advice, healthy skepticism, and lots of good support for beginners.
Besides the marketing for BALG itself, there isn’t a huge push for people to aggressively sell their metaphysical products or fish for customers with highly questionable promised results. There’s lots of cautions given here too, to take everything with a grain of salt.
The “I’ve been banging insert-spirit-here” BS isn’t so prevalent either, and if you debate people’s UPG there doesn’t seem to be the kind of backlash I have encountered before.


:rofl: welcome to the forum

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Such things are against the rules of this forum and are removed by the mods and the user is banned if they continue to violate after being warned.

We actually get a fair amount of that here but it is usually swiftly dealt with if it is felt it is more fan fiction than reality.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the forum.


…nothing wrong with that at all, it makes for good conversation. Welcome to the forum :wave:t5: