Your Relationship with Spirits

As everyone here knows by now I personally practice a Path of devotion towards the Spirits. I maintain that I do not worship, but I do revere, make offerings, give thanks and serve. Humility and Respect are the core ideas that define my relationship with them. The idea of course being that I am no god yet in any real sense but that through dedication to their teachings I may one day become one. I have noticed that many people here do not agree. This is a thread to discuss those differences in approach.


I just started working with spirits, evocation, and magic this year 2017. I’m just now forming a relationship but one thing I know is At the end of the day it’s us (people humans) vs them. These wise ancient beings *will help us anyone wonder why? Because we open a door, a book of achient knowledge to summon these beings or go into some form of meditation/sleep. Then I ask myself? how would I feel if someone put up the American flag(called on me) and I had to show up and answer questions I would probably fuck with them. …anyway that’s another topic…but we still cannot understand them/beings… and I’m 100% postive they would and will destroy us if they wanted. With that said I don’t honestly think a entity would let you get more powerful than them… So I’m reward you what I want because I know what I got control over and can offer so I can fill my word. How often does a entity eat some of our good food bet never lol :grin:

@Aggontar_Blackfeet Firstly, I do not command Spirits. They do not have to come. They simply choose to do so. That’s the major flaw with the Goetia. It makes you a lot of enemies.[quote=“Aggontar_Blackfeet, post:2, topic:19104”]
I’m 100% postive they would and will destroy us if they wanted.
That’s because you approach them in such an arrogant fashion. Believe me when I say that if you beg they will answer with far more willingness.[quote=“Aggontar_Blackfeet, post:2, topic:19104”]
Then I ask myself? how would I feel if someone put up the American flag(called on me) and I had to show up and answer questions
That’s exactly the approach which makes Spirits want to kill you.

I just started that’s all I know… Enlighten me pm

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I do not show any respect to spirits anymore because they never do what I ask them to do anyway so I got fed up. I have offered food and my own blood but I never get results anyway. I have no intention to try commanding them either. Now I just stand alone. I will ascend on my own.

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I’d have to agree with @TheStorm. When i have worked with spirits/god/ ect. I work with them i do not command them. Majority I have come into contact came to me to teach me something unbidden and I was eager to learn.

I have to disagree with these statements as well. The whole reason I found out and am working from black magic of arhiman and connecting to the path of smoke was because i was lead to it by the old ones, entities most people assume at first glace would soon as erase you than teach you.

They lead me to it to grow and evolve because I was deemed not ready in any sense of capacity to learn what they were trying to teach me safely without potentially “melting my brain and scattering my essence to the winds” as the crawing chaos put it.

When you consider that One aspect of result hard and devoted work within the path of smoke leads to the work of Envocation/reverse possesion and the implications of that it is impossible for me to say that the entities in my life not only want me to grow in power they want me to learn to wield my own and potentially theirs as well.

Hell 2 month before i even knew about any of kurtis’s work through balg and months before the book came out, the old ones were teaching me. forms a meditation with goals almost identical to the kunda yoga exercises in the text. Except instead of the div’s the focus was the old ones. And it messed me up for about a month.


If you were a middle class college professor who wrote one book. What if one of your students became a best selling author and their book got made into a movie. They wrote the screenplay and it won an academy award. in their acceptance speech you were the first person they thanked.

Not their parents…not their family or childhood friends. They thanked you. Because you saw the potential in them. You made them do extra homework that kept them up until 2am. They could see you standing and clapping in the audience at their graduation.

How would you feel at that moment of their greatest success that they thanked you. Would you only be able to be jealous of their success in that moment? Or would you be happy for them?

Spirits can see the future. Time isnt linear. If they were worried about us becoming too powerful they wouldnt be helping humanity in the first place.

Now there are people in this world and beings out there that want to keep humanity in the dark. But thats another topic for another thread. :expressionless:


Respect certainly plays a part in how spirits respond to you. Some of the entities I work with don’t really seem to appreciate humility, though.


This post may help you. The user was in a similar situation

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Respect, being grateful, asking questions, and generally being open and wanting to learn. I do not command them but I also do not roll over for them either. This approach works for me.

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Being accepted by a powerful group of demons is a good environment for personal development.
In my understanding, there is not a single rule for that. Invocations, sigil magic, meditation and offerings work well for me.


I go from temporary devotion (liking the idea of going back the cult of ancient gods) to normal and equality approach, to the “modern/scientific magic” one: Spirits considered forces or as energetic fields.
I also view as possible the option of the magician who (respectfully) commands them, still recognizing the fact that I don’t work enough, at least for doing so.

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