Your Own Sigil

You actually have your own personal sigil. And I can summon you with it … technologically.

Think about it … your phone number is a personal sigil I can use to “summon you” and speak with you. Draw it out based on your keypad.

And since a sigil is a link to a spirit … wouldn’t a phone number also provide a link to someone?

Interesting thought.



I’ve channeled people through social media video sites, I made a sigil after a physic attack and sent it to the wrong guy, I ended up being online friends and forgot about the super charged sigil, he contacted me drunk next night crying and suicidal, I felt so bad because I knew after it wasn’t him, I don’t do the sort of magic because I wouldn’t want some troll kid to kill himself over my ego, I just don’t e gage or feed the troll so to speak


I wonder if this could not be extended to the dead?

In the old days, you would need to establish sympathetic contact by trying to understand how the deceased behaved in life.

For the recently deceased however, thanks to the advent of the telephone number, strangers can now evoke part of what we were by simply scrying on a few digits.

Note to self for when I’m about to die: Banish my phone and all ids from my mind. Passwords to a future big stash of money for those left behind, yes, everything else no. Anybody who wants to contact me needs to KNOW me.


There are some sects that hold the concept that your soul also has a True Name or Secret Name. So the various names you were given throughout your other incarnations and in this one are just like masks that the real you os wearing and forgetful of. It is also said to be extremely personal and is never to be revealed when you do disciver this name necause it holds an immense key to your personal power. But these are teachings I have come across interacting with different groups, not necessarily ones I adhere to or buy into. Just a thought.


I think there’s something to the “your common name are just like masks that the real you is wearing”.

I can tell you that I’ve evolved enough already to no longer recognize myself by the name I was given. I still wear that as a mask for the rest of society, but I sacrificed who I was to become who I really am.

Now, please understand I’m not coming from a place of ego and saying “I’m there”. It’s not that at all. My real work is just getting started and I’m already feeling like “I ain’t the meat suit”.

I can’t even begin to imagine where the journey is going to take me. I just know it’s gonna be a hell of a ride. lol


Well thats kinda basic- you are not the identity youve been conditioned to answer to in this incarnation. Now when it comes to new agers saying “I am not this body” the reality is you are a reflection of your ancestry. Ancestry is your very spirotual chemical makeup, where your power comes from. The Lwa and Exus teach this, so investigating your ancestry and the types of power it holds can really magnify your own work. Its like a spirotual right to something I guess


Interesting viewpoint, @LaughingCoyote. I’ve never tried to use a person’s ancestry as a link to them. I really don’t even know much about my own ancestry.

I think the strongest link would probably be a form of DNA because that literally belongs to the meat suit which is no doubt connected to the person’s spirit in some way. And that would have some form of the ancestry attached to it through the genetics, no doubt.

i do plan on trying this tonight. any volunteers?

Interesting thread any thoughts peeps?