YOUR OWN LEGION information and instructions

Hey all,

Recently i read alot about demons and drk spirits, but no one ever asked themselves how to get them under control.

Here are some fact with intel that might help you amass your own legion.

  1. Get a demon of royal rank to assist.

You will need atleast two demons, one of militaty descent and one of royal roots, to ge this done, by making a contract with both gives you a high birth standing, this is meaning you will not have trouble with spirits or demons who will not listen to everything you say. Since the demons you contracted will act as your generals and keep them in check for you.

  1. Make next to a pentagram, two open reversed pentagrams.

Making the two reversed pentagrams, prevents you from overflowing the portal with too many troops, including behemoth classes comming through and keeping the summoning safe and stable.

  1. Summoning the arch-types.

There are 3 arch-types you might wanna summon, Abbadon, Uriël and Seraph, since with them comming in to help oversee the further development, you can be sure when making a well balanced legion, there will be no problems, since they will quarantine the troublemakers from the legion, preventing it from going out of hand.

  1. Commander Basics.

Since you will command the legion here are the basics, be lenient to your officers and generals, but also lay rules down to make clear everyone hold to them, including yourself.

Be aggressive to a spirit not wanting to do your bidding, when forced to do so.
When encountering corrupted spirits, have a view in your eyes of the intent to kill and speak with a very sadistic voice.

Should you find some angels between them who are good and all, do not or never, ever show them mercy or a good influence or your cover blows and you might be killed by your own troops.
Simply be disrespectful and hostile to them, saying they lack the trust of being worthy and have to prove themselves first before they can join the vast.

And this is the most important, be yourself and well at ease when a high ranking royal demon, like lord or knight or even prince comes through the portal, see the Arch-Types as a loyal support and the demonic military and royalty as close (but not best) friends and treat them also that way, so they can keep guessing what your intentions are.

  1. The mission.

When done, your legion is almost ready. Now you need a mission, note you could use the legions, to crush any opponent, even EA, though i do not recommend that one since i got two thousand legions protecting him already. You can do the four next missions available.

-Ravage, send them across the world doing misschievous things, torturing the people in that disctrict or sector as long as you want.

-Scouting, now this one is fun, i use this alot even if i want to find out where the enemy is, used this method for an American officer in Bagdhad, after that method they just arrived and finished liberating it in '09 in one week, from the terrorists.

Intervention, if you have someone who could be attacked or cursed send a small portion of them there to keep guard and attack those who wants to assault them, though the caster succeeds, in cursing or attacking them, they also succeed in their head removed from the main body and fed to the hounds.

the last one is the most important one. And deadliest.

Conquest, basicly places the souls of the demons in unborn childeren and when born they do their basic human lives till age of 17 when they remember your orders and get everything ready for all your plans, giving you the option to conquer a whole world with little effort.

  1. Legion types.

The last but also important one, there are 3 types of legions.

State: these are the basic type of legions, the low level demons and evil spirits who are not as experienced and also known for being fresh meat in hell.

Imperial: Now these guys are the Elite, they have been around for almost every war and conflict in existence, battle-hardened and excellent trained, only the most powerful casters can have some hope and luck in commanding these dark entities.

Royal: The masters of war and even survivors of both Heavens 1st of Eden and Hells 2nd of Hades legions combined, making it the toughest legion ever. Trained to even kill dark lord like Satan and entities like God, these are the troops who fight under direct order of the crown.
Only demon lord or hell knight rankings can help you command these troops.

7.Legion colours.

Here are what to look for as final advice when encounter the 3 legions.

State: A silver shield with gold sword piercing a white skull, this emblem is their colours.

Imperial: A crimson shield having golden drawn water waves on it and atop of it a bronze crown.

Royal: A dragon skull in platinum, with a golden dragon body with silver angelic wings, and having a scripture on the top and bottom written,


Top: For enternal in light
Bottom: To judge in darkness

Extra Information:

NOTE: Once formed the legion can never be disbanded, until the caster either dies or is killed.

This is a 9th Circles type of Ritual so in my advice, do this with experts like Lady Eva or EA and get alot of people too, around 10 in total of you should do best. Since this is real and no show.

Best locations are Swarzwald in Germany, in the USA, Texas or New Mexico. But will invite EA to do a evocation with me soon, if he reads this and is interersted, lemme know via PM.


If you want to contact E.A., he does read the forum but he’s busy and might miss this particular poist, so you can either post an ask in the Q & A With E.A. subforum, maybe post on his Facebook page with a short outline of what you want to do, or probably best of all, contact him professionally and chat that way.

I don’t really do this kind of work so while you’re very kind to mention me, it would probably not be in my stream right now. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm. This is different.

I would say it contradict EA’s. There is no hierarchy video. But that’s just my thought.

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Just a thought on this. To build a legion, you have to go where the recruits are. Visit a graveyard or two; an archaeological site; etc., and just see who is around.

Advanced stuff here, this will be something I return to