Your opinions to history

cough Ok, i want you guys to tell me your super magical opinion on how the (meta-)world has…well become the world. Aaaand about the past of humanity as well.
Pretty crazy huh? Cool…

So you tell me your opinion on that…like…“Now” is guess?



Things i wanna add to the video:
Photosynthesis is a theory which can easily proofed to be wrong.
-The plant “exhales” only oxigen, if it gets stressed by too much sun light,
but that oxigen was previously “breathed” in.

Plants produce CO2, but thats no problem -like CO2 in general, because it is an VERY unstable construct, and dissolves pretty quickly. Pretty much all the CO2 is made of natural processes,
not by the creations of humans. Duh!

CO2 is LESS than a HALF % of the entire atmosphere, and there where times with MUUUUUUUCH more CO2.

~And: the clima is changing because it changes -thats what it does.
…And some people like to fuck everything up with crazy technology -but thats another topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
STILL: i would like to read your opinions on this shit. M’cay?
(I was meaning: history, evolution and shit -not plants, ok? Got it?)

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Neat vid. Must have taken a long time to make.

Quite clever.


Read “Report From Iron Mountain”.

Environmentalism is about global government and global taxation.

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