Your methods for avoiding obsessing

Often, one of the hardest aspects of magic is avoiding obsessing over a ritual; focussing constantly and searching for manifestation. I thought it could be good for us to share some of our favourite techniques for letting a ritual drop from the forefront of our minds.
One of my favourite methods is to meditate on the ritual I’ve just performed. I think about the steps I took and remember the feeling as I channelled the energy.
I find this helps remind me that I did channel successfully and help put my mind at ease, knowing that manifestation is on its way.


Diminishing the importance the self relates to the result is, I’ve found, not only a keen way of avoiding obsession but of cutting lust of result out.

It can matter more than your life in the moment, but when it is done, it and the situation should be of no more concern than a passing fly.


I just forget about the ritual I performed, and then move on to do something in the physical world that can help manifesting the results :slight_smile:


Step 1. Before starting ritual, obsess excessively
Step 2. Laugh maniacally over the potential
Step 3. Get distracted and lose obsession
Step 4. Perform ritual relaxed
Step 5. Forget
Step 6. Laugh maniacally again for reasons unknown


I like to create a paradox within myself, pump as much desire into the goal as possible that when it’s done I just don’t care anymore. Only once it actually happens do I get excited about it.


Everything that Brother Israel wrote in his short six steps supra is spot-on brilliant! I wish I’d have posted it. Excellent!



Sundry Notes on Obsessions – including mine.

Some long term Magicks can only be achieved with one pointed, white-hot, ‘Get out of my fucking way’ obsession. I know! By their nature they are destructive.

Laughter is great. So is hand clapping. I used to slap myself across the face as an unpleasant, stay away mental gate-closing to the ritual I’d just performed. If you’ve got lust for result issues, concentrate on sigilization until you get a hang of how Magick works or why it doesn’t.

Don’t fret the small stuff. Make your own set of beads and perhaps a bag to carry these in. Alternatively use the older method of knots in string. Use them to contact the spiritual entities (and/or forces) you’re after. Using the entity’s names in mantra calls them in, lets them know you’re around, thereby allowing for easier manifestation.

And just while I’m here, stop worrying about visual manifestation of spiritual entities. It can be done. I did it once. It was great, but I don’t need to do it ever again. If memory serves me correctly Aleister Crowley wasn’t much of a success on getting spirits to visibly manifest, although the late Dr. Stephen Ward was.

I’m not sure if anyone actually does much of what I suggest, but for the sake of repetition: if you don’t have one, get yourself a Magickal Journal – lined page style. If you want, get your special pen, the one you only use to write in your Magickal Journal. Inexpensive fountain pens are available. Nonetheless, your Journal will only be as relevant as you discover how to make it.

In the Name of Satan, put a zap on your head. Engage in Karezza (coitus reservatus). Masturbation has advantages in this practice. Do it as frequently and for as long as you can. This practice is dangerous. It fucked me and it can do the same for you! Whilst so engaging practice Magick, including divination, visualisation, energy collecting and directing, etc., etc. And for your own fucking sake – Keep Fucking Notes. Seriously, I’m not interested in your notes, but you should be. This practice will fuck you like Superman!

Read the appendices to Michael Aquino’s masterpiece, The Church of Satan.

There’s enough in the appendices to keep you going for several lifetimes.

Read Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. Treat it like scripture. Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig. I knew a young bloke who treated it as scripture.

If God is all powerful and can create anything can he create a rock that’s too heavy for himself to lift? If so, why not? And none of that Gottfried Leibniz ‘best of all possible worlds’ stuff either.