Your lighter, darker, and perfected self, and what it means for your ascent

There have been a few threads on the subject of the ‘Holy Guardian Angel’ today, so I figured I’d drop my two shillings into the pot.

The HGA, isn’t holy, a guardian, or an angel. It is your perfected self, the ultimate amalgam of all your selves united and reconciled as one.

The lighter self is the most ‘light’ or selfless version of yourself, which from your perception of ‘moral good’ is derived.

The darker self is the most ‘dark’ or selfish version of yourself, which from your perception of ‘moral evil’ is derived.

What I propose is simple, your darker self is inherently that which you would become if you absolutely abandoned what morals you may follow, and your lighter self is what you would become if you followed your morals to their logical end. The perfected self is what happens when you reconcile both your lighter and darker selves within yourself in a way that is non-contradictory. Seeing how the lighter and darker selves by their nature are opposites, and thus contradict each other completely, you can see why you may never become your perfected self.

The beauty of this is that you have the free will to choose your own path, for your own personal light or dark, or even tread the middle. Heck, if you wanted to, you could reject both your lighter and darker selves and change utterly on the most basic level, although that way is what I would consider madness.

And as Crowley said, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, so ultimately, what you do with what I propose is up to you.


When you are liberated from duality,
The both aspects of you merge within you.

Alan watts said, most people couldn’t do what christ did because there was an internal conflict in people which consumed their infinite energy.
Then he quoted christ (gnosticism) saying “when the two become one, and you say to the mountain to move, it will move”

The tyrant god of bible changed it into faith, saying, that if you have even as much faith as a mustard seed, you’ll be able to move mountains.

Although, faith too has to power to do the impossible, the tyrant gods implies that one must have faith in him, thus stealing worship, and himself becoming an anchor, without lying, with such word play.


Exactly. The issue is breaking away from that duality, most will never even come close to that.


Because they don’t want to wake up,
They want to enjoy the illusions of good and bad.

This video explains it best.


Damn that was deep.

Most of the time I try to share this video with people,
They don’t even watch it,
As if they don’t want to wake up that they manifest away such truths away from them.
I don’t blame them. They are supposed sleep (dream), that’s the whole point of the universe :slight_smile:

And then when they do come across such stuff,
They romanticize it, play and flirt with it,
The idea of waking up. They don’t want to wake up, but enjoy the good illusion, (which we all do :slight_smile: )
"Poor little me is god, yay, poor little me"
Because “I am god” would be too much for them to handle.


I agree.

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And this I agree with because I recognize and accept my dark side and I love myself more because of it. I am becoming whole.

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No, but then again I don’t often don a tinfoil hat so…

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To me, from the RHP, the Dweller allows or bars the way of advancement and initiation, the HGA is the best self you can be, the HGD is the most egoic self you can be.
However, I think there are two guardians.

To me you have the godform, which is you in a way.
The hga- yang half
Hgd- yin half.
Together they form the godform.


This is amazing. This is the exactly the gnosis that I’ve been uncovering.

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You’re welcome.