Your learning and failure phase

For those that have come to a demon and asked for a new you, for the old you to “die” and a new you to be “born”, when you ask for help to overcome bad habits, what are your experiences like if you have a set back? I’ll give my example that I’m experiencing right now and would like to hear if others have experienced the same or similar situation.

I made a previous post about a new me,

I’m that post I made reference to one of the issues I want help with and i believe Lucifer is helping me with my drinking, as I was able to come home for two days in a row from work and not drink, however tonight I came home and drank. That said, the previous days that I didn’t drink I would call on Lucifer and his sigil lines would randomly disappear, however tonight since I drank the sigil lines wouldn’t disappear and while looking at his sigil, the photo of his sigil on my phone, it was closed, not like normal when the phone just blacks out and goes to sleep but, this was fast and deliberate.

I feel Lucifer is disappointed in me for drinking tonight and that’s why he wouldn’t let me mediate on his sigil and reach out to him tonight.

Has anyone experienced the silent treatment from a demon for slipping with rituals, sacrifice?


Lucifer is helping me improve my eating/living habits. He told me soda was poison, audibly, in my head, as I went to get a fountain drink, so I did not. However, several days later I did have a soda to stay awake at my graveyard shift job and I feel like, even though I have officially now stopped drinking soda all together ( going on for more than two weeks), he is still miffed at me.
He did help me with ritual work I have been doing but I don’t feel him as near to me as I did. I hate this feeling. I have apologized but I don’t feel like he thinks it is good enough.


You both need to just keep at it. If you prove it to yourself, you’ll prove it to him.
He’ll come around again.
Set backs are just an opportunity to start again.
Change your mind set. The only disappointment would be, giving up.

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Im sure hes not miffed at you, especially given that youve completed stopped drinking soda ( well done btw) I have a huuuge irn bru problem :persevere: could it be he has taken a bit of a step back because you are stronger now in the thimgs you were needing help with?
For the OP I think it could be because you had drank that your concentration wasnt as good, and you mention how you felt bad about this yourself could it be you were projecting these feelings onto Lucifer almost as if you feel he should be angry with you? Shame and guilt is such a destructive burden, i speak from experience, why dont you ask for help from Lucifer to help you to deal with the emotions which lead you to drink in the first place.

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“Learning & failure phase” = Life.

“Teaching & success phase” = Life. :sunglasses:

There are a lot of posts on here about this topic, try doing a search. :+1:

Yes, and it’s important that you don’t just write them off.


Life is full of falls. The key is making sure that when you do fall, you fall forward so, even in defeat, you are at a distance from where you started. It sounds like you have by being aware of what is at stake now. The only thing you can do is get back up, make your amends and keep going forward


Life is about learning and trying,
trying again even when we feel like giving up or feel our connection is broken, these are our own personal feelings and unless you ask you will not know what they are thinking.
I agree with @Lady_Eva do not write them off.
I find the great Lucifer is very particular with his wording when it comes to petitions, that could just be what he now expects from me, so you can just ask for money, where as if you ask for an Opportunity to get you out of your financial difficulties and provide for yourself or family,
Then your showing your not only prepared to work along side & learn but still offer a bond for said petition.
he’s a great teacher and will know what you need to learn before you do.
When we feel there is distance between us and spirit/demons they make it quite clear that we can only create the distance therefore we need to find away to remove the distance.
There quite happy to tell or show us if we mess up.
Yes they may be pissed but how will you know unless you ask and listen.
The great lucifer gave me a Pacific Set of words to use when we work together or when he’s teaching me, it’s individual And personal to our bond, if I forget which I hold my :raised_back_of_hand:t2::raised_hand:t2: To doing (one time only) he reminded me during a vision of why it’s important to use said words.
My advice try again & don’t fear the unknown.
Good luck on your journeys :blush:

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I felt as tho he was disappointed in me, yet not totally pisses off, not allowing me to open the sigil kinda of felt like he was saying, “nope not tonight”. That’s what I heard in my head when the sigil wouldn’t open. It definitely got my attention and I felt and feel shame for letting Lucifer down.

It’s definitely a learning experience and I’ll with upmost sincerity apologize for my slip up and ask his forgiveness.


I’m definitely going to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

I think part of the problem is that I’ve only been working with Lucifer and opening up the relationship for a few days now and he immediately started to help me. As I talked about in my previous post, I came home from work two nights in a row and had zero cravings to drink, and last night while working there were many instances of frustration and I spoke to Lucifer asking to help me be calm and have patience and be with me through my night and after asking him that I felt a warm soft very comforting sensation come over me. He got me through my night and helped me stay calm and patient. Then for no reason at all I come home and disrespectfully decide to drink and then try to open his sigil. That’s when I got the words, “nope not tonight” and the sigil wouldn’t open so I left it alone.


I’ve ready many of the topics on drinking, I’ve made one myself in which you suggested Belial.

I need to be broke, like a Drill Sergeant would do to his soldiers and then builds them back up.

I have a desire, need, attraction and any other word you can think of to Lucifer directly, I don’t know why but my mind, body and soul need Lucifer. I have a great respect for Belial, even tho I have no workings with him, I respect his presence and what he’s done for others. My spiritual ties to Lucifer isn’t something I can explain because I don’t know where it came from, but I feel as tho I can’t reach out to another unless Lucifer advises me to do so, now that he’s in my life.

I honestly can’t explain how strong my pull towards Lucifer is. I can tell you it’s like NOTHING I’ve ever felt before.

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