Your LDS Background And Your Quest For Godhood

Hi, Eric. I really love your work. I can relate to much of what you say. Much of my power was stollen, at an early age, by my “good Xtian” father, an abusive SOB. I have, at times, returned to the “comfortable” religion of my childhood, when I have found myself messed up on drugs, or just messed up in general.
At one time, I joined the LDS church for a whole year (I was 21 and HOPELESSLY in love) so I know what they teach about human potential to achieve Godhood, have one’s own “spirit children” and create one’s own universe. One basically has to be a good Mormon: Pay a full tithe, don’t masturbate, don’t even think about sex outside of marriage, endure their rip-off temple ceremonies and most importantly, so it seemed, get married in the temple and have an "eternal family."
Do you think your LDS background played any part in your eventual quest for godhood? What do you believe to be the requirements of attaining godhood, beyond the attainment of the 3 godlike powers? My time in LaVeyan Satanism taught me that I am my own god, yet they seem to reject the use of magic for any higher purposes than the fulfilment of the basic human instincts: lust, sympathy and revenge. Do you believe such things become less important, as one advances upward on the path to godhood?

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