Your interpretation needed

My girl friend left me a few months ago. I have requested sallos and pimon to help bring her back to me. I tried my best at the ritual and i am not sure if i had done it right and if and how it will manifest.

its been 2 months since i spoke to her and i finally felt like i should step out and see what the world has to offer. I stepped out with 2 of my friends to catch a good dinner and party. Everything went well - i met an interesting girl at the party but nothing happened beyond (i will never be meeting her again). That night when i came back form the party, i had a mishap at my friends house, slipped on the stairs, twisted my ankle. My leg went down 2 stairs in the twist and hit the floor in a weird angle which caused a fracture.

No i am not sure if this is a response from the universe and if there is something i still have to learn. Or if its a sign from the demons for any specific reason.

The sad part is it is the day i decided to move forward and check the world and it is the exact day i broke my leg and now sitting at home. This added to my misery. If there is any interpretation you can bring to this i would be extremely happy. I am open to all the theories.


The way you analysed the meaning of those events are pretty much like already know the answer brother,no need for any interpretation

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i am very new to this. so any insights would still be enlightening.

I’m not sure I’d be so hasty. Accidents do happen. Not everything is connected. I think you feel punished because you finally decided to move on…which I feel is probably a good decision.
I cannot speak for why the gods have not brought her back to you.


Bring your magic into the world through sheer force of will and charisma.This isn’t a magical backfire but an element of the life game. The outsized role of luck and timing is a major element of happen stance, the acknowledgement of chance or accident is one factor your leaving out.


Amazing lines and quotes here. I definitely agree with lawclerk and other on this. You already know the answers to this and wouldn’t need any interpretation.

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