Your fastest result in killing with magic?

Greetings, BALG users

Let’s talk about something interesting for today, shall we?

I would be really glad to hear different experiences of you people on how fast did you kill with magic

Was the result so swift it manifested in a couple of days? Weeks? Maybe months?
Also, what kind of method did you use? Were you doing it with the help of some spirit/gods, or either with your own personal powers all alone? Maybe something entirely else?

I realise that this topic may be inconvenient to discuss for some, if so, please at least tell us your least (and fastest) time you’ve had to spend to kill someone with magic

Every reply is appreciated


I think we have a thread about this I’m not 100% sure but it’s along the lines of your success with magick.


I’ve seen a couple of those here. In most of them, the valuable information is either scattered or watered down.

Hence why I decided to ask people about it specifically, to gather this information, so to speak.

Of course it’s scattered and watered down. Who wants to get caught? Don’t underestimate the stupidity of old laws that are still on the books.


Took some years. Time is different with spirits. I was younger; early 1990s. Didn’t specify definite time period.
I used the Goetia. The murderer got murdered themselves, which was nice.



What old laws are you talking about?
You are telling it to me like somebody will immediately report those to police or FBI.

Even regarding the magic, this is nonsense. We are on a forum dedicated to black magic mostly, it may be someone’s goal to kill someone else for his own reasons, and that person can learn from other’ examples here.

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Thinking this site doesn’t glow

Why would the fbi care about NPCs in minecraft?

What do you mean?