Your Fantasy Dinner Party Guests?

Bit of fun - lots of magazines & web pages ask people their fantasy dinner party line-up, usually you can choose from living or dead guests you’d really like to spend an evening with.

Most people choose politicans, activists, and one socially acceptable movie star or whatever …

But hey, this is us - so, you can add spirits, gods, angels and demons etc., and (just for the hell of it) fictional characters as well!

Two rules - keep it to 8 or less, and no inviting people you loathe, so that you can poison them, please. :slight_smile:

Commments on the menu you’d serve also permitted, for example if you want to secretly invite Cthulhu to share a tub of hot mascarpone, then get down with your bad self!

I’ll post mine later.

I’ve thought about this over the years and I always come to the same conclusions. Funnily enough each of these are well known for their physical abilities but I still tend to admire them all more for their minds and how they could command and connect with their environment in an almost magical way at times.

Firstly, he was known as a true master of martial arts but I admired and respected his philosophical outlook of life and some of his comments are still widely regarded as amazing ~ His name was Bruce Lee.

Next I will set a place out for Jimi Hendrix as although he was a talented guitarist, he never gave a fuck half the time and simply went with the flow of spirit. This made his performances pretty so so compared with the abilities he had, but his carefree attitude produced magical pieces of music in-between this spiritual freedom he maintained, for which I salute him.

Another place I would lay would be for an incredible singer who was deeply bashful off stage, but he came alive when he walked on it as he was now Mr Mercury. Freddie Mercury not only had a 7 octave span that could embarrass many opera stars, he had that magical ability to connect with thousands of people at the same time thereby raising incredible amounts of energy.

Lastly, he’s known as the greatest bodybuilder who conquered Hollywood before going on to become the governor of California. Yes Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for many physical achievements but once again, I salute and admire is magnificent mind. I reckon this could be a great evening and think of the after dinner entertainment I would have with Freddie singing and Jimi grinding out some brilliant licks X.

Damon Salvatore, The Doctor, Hecate, Bacchus (now theres a guy that’ll liven the dinner up), Ghengis Khan, Tiamat and Ishtar

H.P. Lovecraft - Atheist. Writer. Anachronism. Scientist. Dreamer.

Bruce Lee - Philosopher. Fighter. Actor. Visionary. New Thought Practitioner. Artist of Life.

Dr. Doom - One of the greatest intellects on the planet. Powerful Sorcerer. Scientific Genius. Will To Power.

Batman - Brilliant Strategist. Tactician. Fighter. Scientist. Detective. The Will Personified.

The Goddess Eva - because Beauty and Power should always have a seat at the table and even an Ascended Goddess enjoys a good meal :slight_smile:

Nikola Tesla ~ I love him and would love to pick that mans brain and do experiments together

David Bowie ~ do I really need to explain that one? I think not… Sorry Iman hes mine for the night :wink:

Azazel ~ oh my what an interesting evening that would be eh?

Me from the future ~ cuz why not could be interesting

I have more but that’s a start…

I actually love this question. My person would be very non-occult. His name is Dave Canterbury. He is well known in the survivalist and bushcraft communities for his wealth of knowledge in living off the land and away from the fucktard nipple of the government. He can make anything worth having right off the landscape.

We would have a huge bonfire at a haunted farmhouse.With E.A Koetting and all the members of Balg,Somnus Dreadwood and all the members of the Cabal,Black magician Salem Burke.Id invite Matt Zane and his band Society 1.Celebrity guests would be Arash Dibizar who would bring lots of single ladies to party, Gaal from the band Gorgoroth and Godseed would be there performing,Glenn Danzig,Marilyn Manson,Dark Funeral would be the live bands.With other guest speakers and authors like Gordon Winterfeild,Thessalonia Deprince,Jason Miller,S.Connoly.The food that would be served choclate buckeyes,La Rosas pizza,fudge for dinner, Samuel adams and Budweiser catering beer trucks. For those of you that dont know Matt Zane is a Black magician who wrote the book Transcendental Satanism He also fronts the band society 1.Whoa if this dinner ever really happened with all those crazy people it would cause some shit and people come up missing or not make it. Lol

Pennywise The Clown - The Stephen King character from the book “It”, is considered the most powerful dark entity in King’s Universe. If you really read that particular book, Pennywise is only equal to an entity of light, called The Turtle and is his only real threat to him. Pennywise is just as old as the Universe and feed off fear, in a way that makes even Freddy Kreuger wet his pants in envy. Making this character an egregore, if you make some sort of grimoire of King’s characters, can maybe raise eyebrows in the real demonic hierarchy.

I would like to ask Pennywise about the dark energy and how to master it, preferable over a nice cup of tea and offering him a bunch of balloons.

Mulder from the tv-show X-Files. He definitely have the paranormal experience we all could dream of, and our conversations would be very interesting.

Stephen King would be nice to meet over a cup of coffea. It would be nice to get some advice on writing books, because I love the art of writing. Did you know that one of King’s sons is called Joe Hill? Awesome writer himself. If you wanna read a Hill-book, read Horns. It’s awesome. The movie is kind of fun to watch, too. He got his name from the Swedish-American union worker Joe Hill which actually lived in the same town as me. Freaky, huh?