Your experiences

Yes, My most succesful ones and I wasnt in control were the ones I was walking at home doing stuff or having a walk through my village, then I awoke at my bed all of a sudden.

Most of my experienxes happen while meditating, with a feeling of me getting disoriented thinking Im at elsewhere. For example today meditating at work and for a moment I forgot it, and feel at my bedroom sit on a chair

This is a very interesting subject, please share any tips, observations. For me chakra system plays an important role on this, I had vetter experiencies when ir goes smooth ot symply cannot if there are any disharmony

I usually do a quick chakra “tune up” after going through my full body perception relaxation routine. I tried several exit methods (with decent success), but the one that worked best for me was just imagining rising up at high speed; into the sky, through the clouds, and then I was able to separate, though the separation was a tad harsh doing this, it worked well for me. After a few months I was able to tune into the actual separation feeling, and it became more fluid and quicker from there on out.

As Ive stated before, I only use the Middle Pillar Rite to activate my centers prior to any ritual.

Head Chakra

and I see astrally each color associated with them pulsating like colored orbs.

Ive worked it as per DMK Modern Magick technique, but standing for minutes on end gets uncomfortable after awhile.

The sensation of being here but not here just recently happened to me while physically evoking Mepsitahl. My perception everywhere just blanked out for a few seconds. and the only reality in front of me was a spirit attempting to materialize from absolutely nothing.

Thanks for the replies guys, I went on holydays and disconected from the forums srry for the delay on my reply, im getting back to basics lately and started with the middle pillar, it might help to astral project as a warming before doing the practice.

Great suggestion. I keep only getting flashes, but I feel close.

Btw how about sex, you notice it influences your ability having a “quickie” from time to time?

The only two times I remember doing it successfully, I was going in and out of sleep. Latest was a few weeks ago. I suddenly felt myself rolling off the bed and realized I had left my body behind, hah. I was on the ground, looked up at my dresser mirror and could see my hair peaking up under my blankets.

I floated up over my house, watched a guy work on the neighbor’s driveway for a bit, and then decided to go visit a friend. Unfortunately when I attempted this I was treated to what I can only describe as a nasty acid trip (visually) and found myself back in my body. Oh well.

As far as purposely projecting, the closest I’ve gotten was with a rope technique, but instead of pulling up, I pulled directly across from myself, like I was in a tug-of-war. I got crazy vibrations all up and down my body, but for whatever reason my heart started pounding hard and I got pulled out of my relaxed state.

I’m not sure I understand the question here.

I meant if after having sex it affects your ability/possibility of astral projection. I ask this as it affect my energy levels, and being tired I dont work magick as good as I do usually