Your experiences with opening third eye

There are many occasions where I feel as though it’s been open since I was a child, issue is I was put on a copious amount of medication at one point. I feel like this affected this. How did you know you had opened or reopened your third eye and what steps did you take?


Being born with an open Third eye, Crown, or Heart Chakra (or all 3) can and will bring a fuckload of issues if not balanced by active lower chakras.

I’m talking severe insecurity issues and being open to all kinds of abuse and manipulation.

I self-medicated for over 8 years and I don’t think it caused any issues, although I’m not 100% sure of this because a spirit stimulated all of my lower chakras while still under the influence, and I wasn’t drug-free for about another 6 months.

Maybe I did do some damage?

Either way my chakras are healed and the fastest way for you to heal your third eye would be assistance from a spirit.

What makes you think that the meds affected your third eye?


The first part explains quite a lot. I was subject to tons of abuse, existential question here but I had wondered WHY it was a repetitive cycle there.

They misdiagnosed me with schizophrenia at 18, putting me on heavy antipsychotics, before realizing it was misdiagnosed aspergers. A lot of people speak about how your third eye can be messed up from things like that, and while on those meds (that made me ill especially since I didn’t have the disorder) I felt like I couldn’t sense presences, contact any being, it was awful.

Obviously I’m back in the game now that they had me seen and all (truly, fuck antipsychotics) but do you think that could have permanently made me less open to things?

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How long have you been off?

It can take time. I heard the same thing about possible “permanent damage” from benzodiazepines. I’ve never taken antipsychotics, but if they are anything like benzos then it can take months…

Permanent? I really doubt it.


Prescribed benzos rn for panic disorder. Fuck

Off the antipsychs for a year now

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Try to stay away from those.
They make paranoid / increase rate of Self-Murder.
Working with demons and taking benzos isn’t a combination i’d recommend anyone.




Does anyone happen to have any knowledge about how antidepressants affect specific things? Chakras, auras, invocation, etc.

It really depends on the drug. Some are stronger than others.

The one I take doesn’t have an effect at all, other than stabilizing my brain chemistry, which in turn helps my energy flow better.

I have a theory: like all psychological drugs, they affect your ability to sense things but that depends much on the dosage and also the drugs taken.

I have ADD. I used Ritalin for a long time. I stopped the usage for about 10 years now, 5 years after I started with meditation. I found that meditation has the best effects and the rest is long history. But that drug affected me in a way that prevents me to channel spirits (a common practice in Umbanda and Candomblé) and also to evoke any entity.

But you can’t deny any drugs because they interfere with your magickal abilities. In another hand, try to improve yourself. From the beginning of my works with mantras, black magick, and stuff until I leave all medications behind it took me 5 years approximately.

I know that wasn’t exactly your question but I found important to place this here, whatever was the reason.

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Definitely have to factor in dosage and drug type. I thank you all for this most thought provoking of threads. As in all things balance, discipline, and focus.

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