Your Experience working With Surtr?

What was your experience like?
I’m really curious cause there isn’t Much about Surtr on here.

What do u think of Surtr? His teachings? How did you find him?
My experience was that he’s really powerful, gives fast results.

Is there a book or a blog you’d recommend on him?


Does he test you if you petition him? Will he ask for something in return?

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Well. It depends. But he’s not tricky.
Or too strict…

as for what he’d want, it really depends on what you are asking for. I had to take care of a major problem, and well he asked for nothing in return.
Hes very friendly towards me but a bit manipulative

He did require my help with something though (you know what) which I don’t know what to do… But he’s patient.



Well, to mulspelheim I go to find out

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Keep us updated

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First time walking my self down something pulled my attention by moving a bag in the other room. Was loud.
I’m in the bath and I swear something got in with me

Went back down and could feel the heat… The lake was immense… His voice was booming. He said it will be done and that was that…

I will go later to check if he actually accepted it, as something keeps moving around my house and pulling me back…