Your experience with thought-forms?

Hey guys.
Are you frequently working with thought-forms ? Energy balls, constructs, servitors, eggregors, ect ??
How’s your experience with it ?

Making thought-forms is one of the magickal practice that thankfully works well for me. It’s what convinced me that magick is real back then when I started. And that’s curious because, even thought my thought-forms carry their tasks successfully, I hardly feel them. Can’t see them, can’t hear them, can’t feel them. Most of the time. But still they do their job. Isn’t it amazing ?
I wonder if it’s the same thing with “real” spirits too. People may not feel them all the time, but maybe they still carry the tasks in the end ?

I have a few failures times to times and I’m trying to learn their limits.

  1. The first problem I have is: Ultimately my thought-forms fade away after some time. Even if I still feed them. In fact, just after I birth them, their effect are VERY powerful but decrease with the time.
  2. Feeding them with sexual energy is very bad on the long run. Gives them a powerful boost of power but they disappear 10 times faster.
  3. Some thought-forms are very inconsistent with their results. For exemple I have a thought-form to help me with astral senses, and there are indeed times when I feel like my senses sharpens, but it happens occasionally. It’s not like my senses got reprogrammed at their cores. It’s like they just get a boost here and there.
  4. Sometimes the thought-form repeat the task even thought I only asked them to do it only once. It can be scary because it seems like they totally have a will on their own.

Do anyone face these issues as well ?
I’d really like to improve my thought-forms making skills so please do share your tips :grinning:.


Yeah thought form practice is pretty important. I do not agree with some of Mindandmagick channels right hand path beliefs, but some of his tinformation is pretty good. He said in one particular video, creating the emotion and then changing the thought form to match, which is the mercury and venus principle. I found for myself it can be difficult , so I realised its an area I needed to work on the most. Letting it go , so it can manifest is also difficult. Often we want something so bad we obsess over it making it worse. Not judging you or anyone else I had to be honest, that I needed to work on it myself, even though I have good mojo skills in other areas.

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Yes, I have experienced similar doubts with a servitor I created last October. I suspect this is down to the feeding. When you create a servitor it is like a baby with no life skills. Lots of nurturing is required, otherwise, the servitor may die or go off on some completely foreign course. The ONLY evidence you get with them, in my opinion, is in the results.


I agree , results are the proof in the pudding

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I suggest breathing Prana into them every day for 7 days, for at least 30 minutes. Use a planet to charge them

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Well… this is going to be a bit of an odd thing and long. What I notice from a lot of thought forms is they are made of only one polarity of energy or an imbalance in their energy polarity. By polarity I am not referring so much to the type or source as much as its expansive and contractive qualities. Now a good explanation and simplification I actually found in the book Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. It isn’t too hard to find on your own and actually helped me a lot to simplify these concepts I was working with and give them some real structure to add to my other techniques.
There are three basic concepts I apply to all energy work.

The first concept is that of a akasha or a universal energy without time or form from which all others descend. This has an active and inactive state. Its active state rapidly breaks apart into the two other forces and concepts. In its passive state though it is timeless and connects all reality together and can be used to give a concept of time by cutting segments out of it or as a pure source of power that when turned active produces the vital energy so many gather from the universe with its balance of the two other primary powers.

The second would be the expansive force. This would be the electric energy and would also correspond primarily to the element of fire and air. This is energy that is action and projection so when you want to alter something and send energy out or have a thoughtform do it this is generally what is used. Now using this alone or with too much of it over time the thought form will expand until it sort of fades away or just pops. Of course you can apply this concept of expansion into any energy with a little work to get your mind around the concept though some energies are naturally like this and some are naturally the opposite.

Finally you have the magnetic contractive force. This force is the opposite of the expansive energy and pulls in and contracts. This goes with water and earth generally and other heavy energies. It generally attracts and pulls to you. So when you go to attract something this is usually what ends up appearing. The problem with this is it can over time collapse and implode itself out of existence. Think of it becoming a tiny quantum singularity that then just vanishes with all the energy scattered over reality.

So what I find works is when I create a thought form I break it up into multiple parts and there are many ways you can do this. I generally will pull the pure energy of electric expansion first and form a powerful sphere which I will then surround with an equal amount of magnetic energy until it is balanced. It cannot expand or contract and if you force it smaller it gains more power by being compressed. Then you can let it form whatever other energies it needs for the task and simply impress in it the task and form you want and send it off. You could also take normal energies and give them a concept of expansion and contraction and form them in a similar way where it is balanced. You want it so it can not pop or implode basically and you tell it to keep itself balanced and fed and give it any skills you need. IF you feel it needs an anchor forming a sigil and binding it inside the sigil is also a good idea then the sigil can give even more duration to it.
I find they are a lot more powerful like this too as they can project and attract as needed. So if a thoughtform for wealth wasn’t working it might not have been able to project and create a circumstance to draw to you. My theory at least. I tend to always use sigils for anything long term and give them names or words of power.
Practice is of course very good and I do tend to take kind of an engineering programming type perspective in direct energy work when making anything. Keeping very focused on what you are doing with no distractions is also a good idea. In fact I find it best to use one trance state only for one task then snap yourself out of trance before doing something else. So for example if I am making two thoughforms one to say bring me something good to eat and another to make it cloudy because I don’t like the sun. I will make one then snap myself out of the altered state before going back in with the sole intention of making the next thoughtform.

The book I mentioned before I highly recommend actually it helped simplify things a lot for me and give my own self developed mixmash of methods some real strong structure to them. Now an issue I have is sometimes they are too powerful and need to be dialed down. Some things are also not possible to directly change and take a while to work on to accomplish completely and progress is gained over time instead of either it works or doesn’t there will be a bit of back and forth depending on what you are trying to make them to do. Especially when others emotions are involved long term.


How do you feed them ? I personally only use my emotions to feed them and I never really sit and meditate to them.

Yes, true.

Hi. Thanks for the tip. What do you mean by “breahting Prana INTO them” ? How does that work ?
Also using a planetary energies ? Care to elaborate ? :smiley:

@anon47923162: Genuis…Makes lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, that’s what I found out.

personally I find pain or something that gives you an extreme discomfort helps with feeding them energy even if you bind that thought form to an object, preferably to a specific type of crystal for example quartz so if you loose the gem you can just by another and only go through half the process to invoke them within the crystal. Although on the part of pain, magick is pain as agreed by most and it is to my belief that at least finding some way to subject your pain or seemingly unbearable discomfort is your best option. You can try going on your knees with your rear touching the back of your heels so that there is no gap between the back of your knees,as I find exterme discomfort in doing it, while chanting/reciting a verse written for the specific thought form; going on your knees as such while chanting should go about 15min but that’s just on my approximation just so that I don’t condition my knees to get used to it because it still leaves way for me to give more of that same discomforting pain energy to the thought form, also reserve a Space for that one thought form you’d use more frequently, maybe in a crystal you’d pray infront of or an alter or an image. As long as you give it Space then you give it Matter, you give it Time then you give Attention, Space-Time continuum, if you want it to continue with its work because your attention matters. Honestly if you reeeeaaaallly want to see them manifest and become more prominent pain is the gain but then again there is such a thing as going overboard, please be careful with this technique.

Hope I Helped
Peace Among the Chaos. The Power is in Your Hands.