Your experience with Primordials:

Feel free to share them here!

I’ve lately been working with the Darker Gods (not in an edgy way) and Nyx and Erebus came to me in an experience that’s left me scratching my head. I also medidated on my shadow self this morning which appeared as a dark mist with red eyes and kept repeating murder in my head (and to which I replied only when justified). I think they’ve awakened the darkness within me which is surprisingly calm and makes me a less shitty person. Also I found Nyx and Erebus energy to be less madnening then I believed.

I’ve worked with Surtur and the Norse Gods who imo are more primordial than we believe. Especially the children of Loki. Once more, very empowering energies and any magick attacks sent to me were stopped.

Within Hinduism Shiva is in my experience, a primordial and so are the Naags Vasuki and Seshnag. Shiva has a much more intense energy than the other beings I’ve worked with though its become easier to work with recently.

That’s all I can think off atm. Share your experiences!


I believe the Jotun are primordial Gods, Primordial Gods embody the natural elements of creation and jotun are the shining example of that wild pure elemental energies.

Most of my experiences were with Egyptian, Greek, Nordic, Irish, and such they were interesting to say the least. The Greek primordial Nyx was the most manipulative one lol.


Fire and ice. That which created everything in Norse Lore

She’s a tricky one for sure! Though I’ve seen parts of myself I’ve never seen before through her and her husband. Have you worked with Erebus?


I’ve worked with Surtr, Erebos, and Khaos among the more “Traditional” primordial entities. I am devoted to Cain, Erebos, Loki, Lucifer, La Santa Muerte, and Quetzalcoatl.

Surtr helped me defend both my own self, as well as enjoys aggression towards others. He’d very warlike, but not a total meathead. He’s methodical until he, well, goes berserk so to speak (norse concept but not exactly what he Does). Surtr has come to me looking massive, of course, very broad, extremely muscular in a very practical way. His hair is completely untamed, hugs messy beard, totally unlike what you would think “viking” would look like, more like neanderthal.

Erebus has helped me a great deal. He is very grim, very somber, surprisingly quiet. He feels like ambience embodied, like a low almost electronic hum in your mind but it’s more alien. He is very dignified, as well. While Hades is known as god of the underworld and an entity also associated with wealth, Erebus is likewise associated with wealth in my experience. Money is like dirt to him, it’s like asking for a rock off of someone’s yard. He helped me pay for my school and has helped me come to terms with my path in life. He is great at helping deal with acceptance of all things. He prefers it when people do not overstep their boundaries with the nature of things. Manipulating through magic is different, however. It’s hard to perfectly explain. He is very aloof, much more so than other entities I have worked with.

Khaos is almost epitome of “primordial.” He is. Void. Nothing. And yet he is Everything. All. Everywhere. It’s almost as though I am speaking with an eldritch Lovecraftian being while at the same time I’m talking to an amoeba. Micro and Macro, alien in both cosmic and earthly sense. He is good for shadow guidance, when I can understand him.

I am devoted to Loki and have worked with all his family, as well as other Norse gods. My specific Norse pantheon consists of Loki, Sigyn, Angrboda, Hela, Farbauti, Laufey, Svadilfari, Jormungandr, Sleipnir, Vali, Narfi, Fenrir, Tyr, Freyr, Skadi, and Hodr. I also worship them in their darker aspects, Sigyn as both a goddess of fidelity and loyalty and motherhood, but also loss and hardship and making things work. Freyr as god of mulch, decomposition, death, and the dark things needed to create life. He is also known for having drowned sacrifices and the burial mounds of kings dedicated to him. Tyr as a fallen king, as a god of broken oaths, as a god of sacrifice. Fenrir not only as the angry fen-dweller, but as one who was betrayed, hurt by those he loved and trusted. The other children of Loki as innocence betrayed, as impulse and anger and destruction. And much more beyond just this. I’ve worked with them for years and have developed deep relationships with each.

Cain is brooding and smoldering. Dark. Sanguine. Confident. He feels like a handsome stranger in a 1940s film noir bar, homme fatale. He is also considered in traditional witchcraft the originator of witchcraft, of witch’s blood or witch’s flame. He is perfect for guidance on the craft, he is both patient and stern. I can only wish I can be like him.

La Santa Muerte is like a grandmother. Loving and kind. She is very grim and very serious, but she can take a joke, especially hard, dark, satirical ones. She is protective of all her children, second and third and fifth and sixth chances. People do what they can to live, and she will not fault them for it. After all, all things will go to her, no matter what. She forgives easily, but she doesn’t forget. She learns, and makes sure you learn your lessons, too.

I’ve been drawn to Quetzalcoatl most of my life. I hadn’t realized it until later that it was because he was calling me back to my heritage. I had avoided him for so long because I felt like I didn’t belong to my own culture, that there was little to no way I could reconnect with it, or him. He has embraced me as one of his own, and he has guided me back to my ancestral home. I am still learning of him, and for him, and will do my best to continue his worship to the best of my abilities. He has helped me begin to retrace my ancestry and worship my originator gods.


For me he either appeared kinda looking like Straga from Darksiders or as you said but with a flaming sword. An excellent deity for defense imo.

Thank you for confirming my experience! Exactly as he appeared yesterday.

Sounds like a very good experience. Especially witrh school! Nemesis made me question my actions in baneful Magick but told me she’d do the same in my position. I guess they’ll help us overstep our boundaries but we’re responsible for any consequences.

I always thoguht Khao was a she🤔

Ahh this is much like my own beliefs. I like EAs stance on the Norse Pantheon.

In a world full of Ables, be a Cain :relieved:

Thanks for sharing that! It sounds good


OGUN.intense.influences the mundane effectively.Found nice amounts of cash within a week of meeting him



Not to mention Loki’s children Jotun Gods who embody death and the jotun who embody earth too :smiley:


primordial is great and wonderful!
i made conversation with tartarus, he is a great god
for nordic pantheon! i’m interested with Ymir


In Norse mythology Ymir ceased to exist as himself and became the foundation of their creation at his death.

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Definitely one of the next on my list!

he is like tiamat! in the myth tiamat has been killed by marduk and from her body, marduk created heaven and earth
so Ymir is the oldest/first primordial god in norse pantheon

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Ymir is the void of the Norse Gods yes.

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